5 Best Dog Jerky Treats in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Dog Jerky Treats

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Unveiling the World of Dog Jerky Treats: A Comprehensive Overview


Dog jerky treats have become a popular choice among pet owners for their convenience and canine appeal. However, understanding the nuances of these treats is crucial to ensure your furry friend’s well-being. This summary provides a glimpse into the world of dog jerky treats, covering their benefits, potential risks, and key considerations.

Dog Jerky Treats

We are all aware of the wide variety of dog treats on the market today. Making a decision on which one to purchase might seem virtually hard due to the abundance of possibilities. How can you be sure your dog is receiving goodies that are both inexpensive and healthy? To make sure you are feeding your dog only the finest, we have read through all of the reviews on the best dog jerky treats available today. Due to the recent recalls of several jerky treats due to safety concerns, dog owners are now unsure of which treats are genuinely safe. You’ll see some of the healthiest dog jerky treat reviews as you read, written by thousands of folks just like you.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites – 2023 Update

BEST OVERALLWinner Bones & Chews Bones & Chews   Uses real protein  Grain-free  Sourced in the USA
BEST VALUESecond place Triumph Salmon & Sweet Potato Triumph Salmon & Sweet Potato   All-natural ingredients  High protein and omega fatty acids  Grain-free
PREMIUM CHOICEThird place Tylee’s Human-Grade Chicken Tylee’s Human-Grade Chicken   Human-grade ingredients  76% protein  Limited ingredient diet
  Waggin’ Train Chicken Waggin’ Train Chicken   Only two ingredients  100% real chicken breasts  Soft and easy to chew
  True Chews Premium True Chews Premium   Sourced in USA  Free from hormones, steroids, and antibiotics

The 5 Best Dog Jerky Treats:

1. Bones & Chews All-Natural Turkey Dog Jerky Treat – Best Overall

Best Dog Jerky Treats

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Lifestage: Adult
Breed Size: All breeds
Special Diet: No corn, soy, wheat, or grains. High protein.

Dogs are becoming more and more sensitive to gluten. These Bones & Chews turkey jerky snacks are the ideal addition for a dog on a grain-free diet. Although this company produces a range of chewy delicacies, customers prefer jerky. They only have eight natural components, all of which are American-sourced. Turkey, beef, or chicken are always the first three ingredients. Additionally, they don’t include any artificial preservatives, colors, or tastes. Although they are incredibly beneficial for dogs, some people have issues with the jerky’s overpowering smell. In any case, these are the greatest overall dog treats you could offer your dog this year, according to our research.


  • Uses real protein
  • Grain-free
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Sourced in the USA


  • Strong odor

2. Triumph Salmon & Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treats– Best Value

Triumph Salmon

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Lifestage: Adult
Breed Size: All breeds
Special Diet: No corn, wheat, grain, or soy. High protein.

The majority of more affordable dog jerky choices are pricey. Fortunately, we’ve discovered one with healthy components that’s affordable. These Triumph sweets are produced by a respected American food company that provides a selection of recipes. This jerky is created using only natural ingredients that are good for dogs. Each mouthful is loaded with protein and omega fatty acids thanks to the salmon taste. The other components, however, may not be acceptable for dogs with allergies. There have been rumors that the current recipe, which the corporation just changed, is not as pure as the old one. In any case, the product is still of high caliber and is among the most cost-effective jerky snacks for dogs.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • High protein and omega fatty acids
  • Grain-free
  • Sourced from American vendors


  • Some ingredients may trigger allergies

3. Tylee’s Human-Grade Chicken Jerky Dog Treats – Premium Choice

Tylee's Human

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Lifestage: All ages
Breed Size: All breeds
Special Diet: Limited ingredient diet

The advantages of feeding their pets human-grade food and treats are well known to those who can afford it. This indicates that, in contrast to many other commercial recipes, the components specified are suitable for human consumption. One of the few edibles made with actual ingredients that is safe for humans is Tylee’s jerky. Each dish has even more protein than 76%. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages may eat this jerky. The main problem with these snacks is that they tend to crumble more than other treats and to leave a little bit of a mess.


  • Human-grade ingredients
  • 76% protein
  • Limited ingredient diet
  • Suitable for all sizes and ages


  • Crumbly and makes a mess

4. Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Tenders – Best for Puppies

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Lifestage: All ages
Breed Size: All breeds
Special Diet: No corn, wheat, soy, or grains. Gluten-free.

A genuinely excellent brand of dog treats will have few ingredients and be appropriate for all breeds and ages of dogs. Purina produces these Waggin’ Train jerky tenders. The fact that this jerky just has two ingredients—100% natural chicken breast as the first—is what makes it so alluring. For young puppies, they are very soft and simple to chew. They do, however, break off into little bits that may be a choking hazard. Additionally, rather than coming from America, it is a Chinese product.


  • Only two ingredients
  • 100% real chicken breasts
  • Soft and easy to chew


  • Small pieces are choking hazard
  • Product of China

5. True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts

True Chews

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Lifestage: Adult
Breed Size: All breeds
Special Diet: No corn, wheat, or soy.

These True Chews are manufactured from natural ingredients obtained in America and devoid of artificial colors, tastes, and preservatives, just like all the other jerky selections on the list. They don’t additionally include steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. Despite being softer, the treats are nearly too soft and may get trapped on a dog’s mouth roof. They are unsuitable for puppies and a little dirty.


  • Sourced in USA
  • Free from hormones, steroids, and antibiotics


  • Get stuck on roof of mouth
  • Messy
  • Not suitable for puppies

Selecting the Best Dog Jerky Treat

All animals want meaty, soft treats that they can bite into and feel just like genuine thing. When businesses concentrate on creating recipes with straightforward, nutritious ingredients, they may also provide nutritional advantages. Before providing the goodies to your pet, consider a few of their main characteristics, just as you would with anything else you purchase.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Jerky

Dog Jerky Ingredients

The contents list should always be the very first thing you check when purchasing dog treats, even though this typically goes without saying. You have to be cautious. Jerky snacks have often been recalled. Your dog is more likely to have an allergic response if there are too many substances.

Dog Jerky Shipping Location

Consider if you want to purchase sweets that aren’t made in the United States as well. The greatest treats are produced here, but many Chinese dog treats include hazardous substances that might have extremely negative side effects.

Dog Jerky Size

Another item to consider is the size of the goodies you offer your pets. Smaller rewards are often preferred by smaller animals, whereas meatier treats are more palatable to bigger types. You don’t want your dog to choke in any case. We usually advise staying nearby as they eat so you can keep an eye on them.

Dog Jerky Price

Price is a major consideration since, more often than not, the healthier solutions will end up costing you more. While short-term financial benefits may make it seem like the appropriate choice, the hazardous components in these products might result in thousands of dollars in veterinary expenses. There are still affordable and nutritious food alternatives, you simply just have to hunt a bit harder for them.

Dog Jerky Flavor

Giving snacks to your dog won’t help if they don’t like the taste of them. Dogs love food that has a satisfying, delicious taste. Pay attention to the tastes and aromas that your dog often likes, and try to keep to those flavors when making treats.

Dog Jerky Reviews

Of course, a lot of buyers read product reviews before making a purchase. If you have the time, look into what consumers are saying about the product. Reviews may reveal a lot about a product, even one that may not be sold to you.


For individuals looking for dog jerky snacks, the findings of our analysis of the best evaluations are very useful. The Bones & Chews turkey dog treats are the finest overall dog jerky snacks, according to our analysis of hundreds of reviews.

The Triumph Salmon and Sweet Potato Jerky Treats are the greatest jerky dog treats available for the money. Finally, Tylee’s human-grade chicken jerky is the top pick. Any of the solutions in this post will be an excellent fit for your dog, and we have no doubt that you’re equipped to choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What are dog jerky treats made of?

Dog jerky treats are typically made from lean meats, often chicken or beef, that are dehydrated to create a chewy texture. Some may contain additional flavorings or preservatives, so it’s essential to check the ingredients.


Are dog jerky treats safe for all dogs?

While many dogs enjoy jerky treats, some may have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients. It’s advisable to introduce these treats gradually and monitor your dog for any adverse reactions.


What are the potential risks associated with dog jerky treats?

In some cases, dog jerky treats have been linked to pet illnesses. Be cautious about products sourced from questionable suppliers and those containing additives like artificial colors or preservatives. Monitor your dog for signs of digestive issues or allergies.


How should dog jerky treats be given?

Moderation is key. Dog jerky treats should be offered as occasional rewards rather than a staple in your dog’s diet. Ensure your furry friend has access to fresh water to stay hydrated.


Can I make homemade dog jerky treats?

Yes, homemade dog jerky treats can be a healthy alternative. Use lean meats without additives, and consider consulting your veterinarian for suitable recipes. This allows you to control the ingredients and tailor them to your dog’s preferences.




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