Adorable Dog Winnie’s Underwear Heist Delights Millions

Dog Winnie's Underwear Heist Delights Millions

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Adorable Dog Winnie’s Underwear Heist Delights Millions


In a heartwarming and slightly mischievous tale that has taken the internet by storm, Winnie, an adorable pup, has become an overnight sensation by “stealing” a piece of underwear from her owner while she was in the bathroom. This lovable caper, captured on video, has tickled the funny bones of over 56.1 million viewers since it first graced TikTok on October 5.

Winnie’s Hilarious Heist 

The viral video showcases Winnie, the charismatic dog, attempting to play a unique game of tug-of-war. Instead of the conventional rope or ball, this furry prankster decided to make a toy out of her owner’s underwear. With boundless enthusiasm, she tugs at the clothing item, attempting to pull it around the bathroom door’s corner.

Tug-of-war is a beloved pastime for many dogs, but Winnie has redefined the rules in the most endearing way possible.

A Pawsome Celebration 

The creator of this delightful video, known as @RachelCara on TikTok, shared the clip to commemorate Winnie’s third birthday. This heartwarming gesture encapsulates the charming memories of mischief Winnie has orchestrated throughout her three years of companionship.

Winnie’s owner shared that she is a miniature bernedoodle. This unique breed is the result of a delightful blend of the Bernese mountain dog and the miniature poodle. Due to the poodle genes, these lovable pups come in varying sizes, adding to their unique charm.

Online Sensation

Since its debut on October 5, this TikTok gem, shared by @RachelCara, has garnered the adoration of 7.9 million users and received more than 79,800 comments. It has rapidly become Rachel’s most viewed TikTok video to date.

The playful comments from the viewers add an extra layer of humor to Winnie’s cheeky escapade. One viewer joked, “This should be a Victoria’s Secret commercial.” Another marveled at the stretchability of the undergarment, exclaiming, “My question is what are those made of? Those things will stretch to the next room.”

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Winnie’s delightful escapade has undoubtedly brought smiles to millions of faces worldwide.


In the heartwarming realm of pet antics, Winnie’s endearing underwear heist has taken center stage, reminding us all of the joy our furry companions bring into our lives. This viral sensation is a testament to the simple yet priceless moments that make pet ownership so incredibly special.

For more heartwarming tales and adorable pet adventures, stay tuned to Newsweek, your source for the latest trending stories.

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