The Bittersweet Tale of Julius the Tortoise: A Beloved Housemate Remembered

The Bittersweet Tale of Julius the Tortoise

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The Bittersweet Tale of Julius the Tortoise: A Beloved Housemate Remembered


Julius the Tortoise: From Pet Shop Find to Treasured Companion

The moment Emma Beddington laid eyes on Julius, the beautiful tortoise with a yellow and black head and ruby-red spots, she knew he was meant to be a part of her family. Emma and her husband couldn’t resist bringing him home, despite the questionable conditions of the pet shop in Belgium where they found him. This marked the beginning of a special bond with a creature that would leave a lasting impression on their lives.

From John Paul II to Julius: A Transformation

Originally named John Paul II by the sales assistant due to a resemblance to Karol Wojtyła, they decided to give him a more extravagant name – Julius – after Julius II, an iconic Renaissance figure. Red-footed tortoises like Julius are tropical animals, requiring special care and attention. Emma and her husband became passionate red-foot experts, ensuring Julius had everything he needed to thrive.

A Winning Presence: Julius the Curious and Fearless

Julius quickly became a winning presence in their home, with his curious and fearless nature captivating everyone. Despite getting lost in unlikely places, like a cupboard, he was a cherished housemate. Whenever someone sat in the garden, he would lumber over, drawn to human company. His attachment to them may not have been affection in the conventional sense, but it was undeniable that something special connected them.

A Heartbreaking Turn of Events

Tragedy struck a few years later when they found Julius in a horrifying state, with his large penis sticking out. Rushing him to the vet, they faced a baffling and dire situation. An “erection gone wrong” led to a difficult decision: to amputate, an unprecedented procedure in Belgium. Julius survived the operation, but he never fully recovered. Emma’s care and efforts to aid his recuperation were heartwrenching, but sadly, Julius passed away, possibly due to complications from the surgery.

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A Profound Impact on Perspective

Emma used to share Julius’s story for laughs, reminiscing about the comical aspects of their time together. However, his death became a turning point in her perspective. It made her question the idea of keeping exotic creatures as pets, realizing that their true home might not be in domestic settings. She let go of the fantasy of filling her house with exotic animals and chose to focus on caring for tortoises that were better suited to their environment.

Remembering Julius: A Beautiful, Extraordinary Companion

Julius left a profound impact on Emma’s life, teaching her the importance of responsible pet ownership and respecting the natural habitats of animals. She now cares for little European tortoises, who thrive in their garden surroundings and hibernate during winter. Julius will always be remembered as a beautiful, extraordinary creature, a treasured housemate who won their hearts and made them reconsider their approach to pet ownership.

Source: The Guardian



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