Messi the Dog’s Clapping Stunt at Oscars Exposed: A Viral Moment Unveiled

Dog's Clapping Stunt at Oscars Exposed

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Messi the Dog’s Clapping Stunt at Oscars Exposed: A Viral Moment Unveiled


The Oscars’ Surprising Moment: Messi the Dog Takes the Spotlight

The 2024 Oscars brought a delightful surprise as Messi the dog, featured in the acclaimed movie “Anatomy of a Fall,” stole the show with an unexpected clapping act. However, as the footage circulated online, it became clear that this heartwarming moment wasn’t as authentic as it appeared.

Behind the Scenes: Deconstructing the Viral Clapping Incident

Contextualizing Messi’s Oscar Appearance

In the midst of Academy Awards coverage, the camera cut to Messi, seemingly seated in the audience, applauding Robert Downey Jr.’s win for Best Supporting Actor. However, what seemed like a live shot turned out to be a pre-recorded clip, leaving many viewers puzzled.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Revelation

Chris Gardener from The Hollywood Reporter exposed the truth in a video shared on social media. The footage revealed a small group surrounding a dog inside the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars took place. The revelation showed a cameraman capturing the staged applause, with someone on the ground holding up fake paws to imitate Messi’s clapping.

Newsweek’s Inquiry

Newsweek reached out to the Academy for clarification but received no immediate response. The question of whether the dog on screen was the real Messi remained unanswered, deepening the intrigue surrounding this viral incident.

Public Reactions: Disappointment and Amusement

Social Media Buzz

The cutaway to Messi became one of the most talked-about moments, sparking mixed reactions on social media. Users expressed disappointment at the revelation that Messi’s scenes were pre-recorded, with one user lamenting, “messi’s scenes were pre recorded they fooled us 😭 #oscars.”

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A Mixture of Responses

While some were disheartened, others found solace in the fact that the clapping act wasn’t live, preventing potential stress for the dog. As @Kit_Gallagher noted, “Aww, that makes me happy, though, because it could have been super stressful for a dog, even one so well trained.”

Messi’s Hollywood Journey: What’s Next?

Host Jimmy Kimmel’s Nod to Messi

Despite the controversy, Messi gained significant attention, even making it into Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue. The dog’s popularity soared during the awards season and the promotional campaign for “Anatomy of a Fall.”

Uncertain Future, Well-Deserved Rest

While Messi’s future in Hollywood remains uncertain, the canine celebrity has earned a well-deserved rest after a prominent role in the movie’s awards season and promotional activities. “Anatomy of a Fall” may not have secured any Oscars, but it did win the prestigious Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023, and Messi himself clinched the Palm Dog award.

Conclusion: The Aftermath of Messi’s Viral Oscar Moment

As the dust settles on Messi’s unexpected clapping stunt at the Oscars, the question of authenticity lingers. The canine actor may have surprised the world, but the staged nature of the moment has left fans and viewers with a mix of emotions. Regardless, Messi’s journey through Hollywood continues, marking a significant chapter in the intersection of pets and entertainment.

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