Unlocking Maximum Overdrive: The Secret Word that Energizes a Senior Dachshund’s Walks

The Secret Word that Energizes a Senior Dachshund's Walks

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Unlocking Maximum Overdrive: The Secret Word that Energizes a Senior Dachshund’s Walks

In the heart of London, a senior dachshund named Oreo has become an internet sensation, thanks to a magical word that transforms his leisurely walks into a sprint. Carwyn Sussex, Oreo’s devoted owner, recently discovered this enchanting trick, providing a delightful insight into the world of canine communication. Join us as we delve into the heartwarming story of Oreo’s newfound speed and the special bond he shares with his human companions.

Oreo’s Leisurely Stroll: A Concern for His Humans

Carwyn Sussex, Senior Internet Culture & Trends Reporter, shares his discovery

As Oreo gracefully ages at 11 years old, his family noticed a slight decline in his enthusiasm during walks. Sussex and his partner, Rosie Diss, observed that Oreo’s once brisk pace had slowed, prompting them to explore creative ways to revitalize their furry friend’s outdoor adventures.

The Discovery: Unleashing “Maximum Overdrive”

TikTok Chronicles: Oreo.BoyBoy’s Viral Moment

In a captivating video shared on TikTok under the handle Oreo.BoyBoy, viewers witnessed Oreo’s transformation. As he ambled along at a steady pace, Sussex uttered a single word that triggered an astonishing acceleration— “dinner.” Oreo’s response was nothing short of magical, earning him the nickname “Maximum Overdrive.”

Canines and Comprehension: Insights from Psychologist Stanley Coren

Notably, dogs possess an impressive ability to comprehend human language. According to psychologist and canine researcher Stanley Coren, the average dog can learn up to 165 human words, with particularly intelligent dogs grasping up to 250. Sussex shares his thoughts on Oreo’s linguistic prowess, emphasizing the dachshund’s love for food as the driving force behind his responsiveness.

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Oreo’s Journey: From Puppyhood to Viral Stardom

A Bond Forged Through Time: Oreo’s Place in Sussex’s Heart

Sussex reminisces about the early days when Oreo joined the family as a puppy, becoming the third dachshund alongside his sister Cookie and brother Stroodle. Despite initial familial indifference, Sussex instantly formed a special connection with Oreo, dubbing him his “little shadow.”

University, Job, and a Reunited Duo: Oreo and Sussex

Although life led Sussex away for a while, Oreo remained firmly etched in his heart. After university and landing a job, Sussex ensured that Oreo rejoined him and Rosie Diss, where the senior dachshund thrived in his newfound independence. Their bond has only grown stronger over the years.

Social Media Fame: Oreo’s Rise to Stardom

Oreo’s charming antics, captured in TikTok videos, have garnered him social media fame. A clip showcasing his accelerated pace has amassed over 1.1 million views, turning Oreo into an online sensation.

Balancing Fun and Health: Sussex’s Perspective

While Oreo’s sprint-on-command trick delights viewers worldwide, Sussex emphasizes the importance of balancing fun with Oreo’s well-being. Acknowledging the senior dachshund’s age, Sussex mentions that the magical word is used sparingly to avoid straining Oreo’s legs.

The Future of the “Secret Word”

Sussex playfully hints at using the secret word strategically, especially when Oreo appears a bit lazy or cheeky during walks. The duo continues to navigate their adventures together, creating heartwarming moments that resonate with pet lovers everywhere.


Oreo’s story is more than just a viral sensation; it’s a testament to the profound connection between humans and their furry companions. As Oreo gracefully ages, his charm and agility continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Join us in celebrating this senior dachshund’s journey, marked by love, laughter, and a magical word that brings joy to every step.

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