Dog’s Owner Sends Message to Person Who Dumped Him—’Better Off Without You’

Dog's Owner Sends Message to Person Who Dumped Him

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Dog’s Owner Sends Message to Person Who Dumped Him—’Better Off Without You’


In a heartwarming tale of resilience and love, a pet parent took to social media to share the incredible journey of their dog, Moose, who was found abandoned and injured. This touching story not only highlights the cruelty some animals face but also showcases the transformative power of love and care.

The Heartbreaking Discovery

Moose’s Initial Condition

Moose was discovered hobbling around a bus station with a broken leg, clearly a victim of severe neglect and abuse. The poor dog was in a dire state, struggling to walk and even lying down to eat his food. His rescuers knew that immediate medical attention was necessary to save his life.

Emergency Intervention

Despite their best efforts, the veterinary team determined that Moose’s leg was unsalvageable and decided to amputate it to alleviate his pain. This marked the beginning of Moose’s journey to recovery and a new life filled with love and compassion.

A Message to the Previous Owner

TikTok Video Goes Viral

TikTok user @moose.the.tripawd shared Moose’s story in a heartfelt video aimed at the person who abandoned him. The video quickly went viral, touching the hearts of thousands. The caption poignantly read: “A little message to whoever dumped him, he’s better off without you.”

Viewer Reactions and Support

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The video resonated deeply with viewers, accumulating over 42,800 views, 6,190 likes, and 239 comments. People from all over expressed their sympathy for Moose and their gratitude to his new owner for giving him a second chance at life.

  • Viewer Comment: “What an absolutely beautiful boy. He’s been through so much, thank you for rescuing him. Wishing you many more happy years together.”
  • Another Comment: “Humans don’t deserve animals. Never understood how people can abandon their pets thanks for saving him.”
  • Heartwarming Response: “I was crying. Then saw the mud rolling and laughed. Absolutely beautiful.”

Moose’s New Life

Experiencing Snow and Hydrotherapy

Since his rescue, Moose has experienced many firsts. He saw snow for the first time and began hydrotherapy, where he discovered a love for swimming. These activities not only helped him physically but also brought joy and excitement into his life.

Graduating Puppy School

Moose also graduated from puppy school, a testament to his resilience and ability to adapt. His walks are now full of energy and enthusiasm, as seen in clips where he’s not afraid to get a little muddy.

Adjusting to Life with a Muzzle

Following new regulations in the United Kingdom, Moose, being an XL bully breed, now wears a muzzle in public. The law, enacted at the end of 2023, mandates that certain breeds be leashed and muzzled while outdoors. Despite this, Moose continues to explore and enjoy his walks, undeterred by the restrictions. His zest for life is a testament to his incredible spirit and adaptability.

The Healing Power of Love

Emotional Recovery

Moose’s emotional recovery has been as significant as his physical healing. From a life of abuse and neglect, he has blossomed into a happy, affectionate dog. His new family has showered him with the love and care he always deserved, helping him to trust humans again and find joy in everyday moments.

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Building Trust and Bonding

The bond between Moose and his new owner is palpable. Their journey together has been filled with moments of tenderness and triumph. Each day, Moose continues to show his gratitude and love, proving that even the most broken spirits can be mended with kindness and patience.

Viewer Reactions

Social Media Impact

Moose’s story has not only touched those who follow his journey but has also inspired many to consider rescuing and adopting pets in need. The overwhelming support from the TikTok community underscores the collective empathy and compassion that exists for animals who have suffered at the hands of neglectful owners.

Encouragement and Support

The comments on Moose’s videos are filled with encouragement and support from viewers who have been moved by his story. Many express their heartbreak at his initial plight and their joy at seeing him thrive.

  • Supportive Comment: “He’s such a strong boy. Thank you for giving him the life he deserves.”
  • Emotional Response: “Moose’s story made me cry, but seeing him so happy now is just beautiful.”
  • Inspiring Message: “Thank you for sharing Moose’s journey. It gives hope to so many others in similar situations.”


Moose’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of animals and the profound impact that love and care can have on their lives. From being abandoned and injured to finding a loving home where he can thrive, Moose’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of kindness.

A Message to Potential Pet Owners

We hope Moose’s story inspires others to consider adopting pets who need a second chance. There are countless animals like Moose who are waiting for their forever homes. By opening your heart and home to a rescue pet, you can make a world of difference in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs


1. How did Moose get injured?

Moose was found at a bus station with a broken leg, likely due to neglect and abuse by his previous owner.

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2. What steps were taken to help Moose recover?

Moose underwent surgery to amputate his unsalvageable leg, followed by pain management and hydrotherapy to aid his recovery.

3. How has Moose adjusted to his new life?

Moose has adjusted remarkably well, experiencing many firsts like snow and swimming, graduating from puppy school, and enjoying energetic walks despite wearing a muzzle in public.

4. What message did Moose’s owner share on social media?

Moose’s owner shared a heartfelt video on TikTok addressing Moose’s previous owner, stating that Moose is better off without them and has found true love and care.

5. How has the public reacted to Moose’s story?

The public has shown overwhelming support and compassion for Moose, with many expressing their heartbreak at his initial plight and joy at seeing him thrive in his new life.

For more heartwarming stories and updates on Moose, visit Moose’s TikTok account and follow his journey.

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