The Great Escape: Bowser, the Giant Mastiff, Takes on a Bathroom Challenge

the Giant Mastiff

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The Great Escape: Bowser, the Giant Mastiff, Takes on a Bathroom Challenge


Unleashing Viral Cuteness: Bowser’s Bathroom Adventure

When Giants Squeeze: Bowser’s Hilarious Struggle

In a heartwarming yet amusing social media sensation, a video featuring Bowser, the 3-year-old English Mastiff, has taken the internet by storm, showcasing the comedic side of owning larger dog breeds. The video, shared on TikTok by owner Chrissy Kiernan on January 21, has amassed over 1.6 million views, capturing the moment Bowser found himself in a tight spot inside the family’s small bathroom.

The Play-by-Play of Bowser’s Dilemma

As viewers hit the play button, they witnessed the massive English Mastiff confidently entering the bathroom, only to face an unexpected challenge on his way out. Bowser’s attempts to reverse and navigate his way back became a hilarious struggle, complete with grunts and adorable canine expressions.

Chrissy Kiernan to the Rescue

Chrissy Kiernan, the quick-thinking owner, suspected that a partially closed gate at the bathroom entrance might have contributed to Bowser’s reluctance to exit independently. In the video titled “When your giant dog needs rescuing,” Kiernan detailed the familiar scenario of Bowser needing assistance due to his apprehension about squeezing through tight spaces.

“I heard a little ‘ruff’ from Bowser. I knew he needed my help cuz this happens all the time,” shared Kiernan, describing the relatable challenges of living with a large and lovable canine companion.

The Dramatic Rescue Unfolds

Attempting to encourage Bowser to navigate the confined space independently, Kiernan’s efforts were met with a hesitant “ruff” from the English Mastiff, signaling his discomfort. The video unfolds as Kiernan ingeniously moves the gate, allowing Bowser to make a dramatic turnaround and exit the bathroom triumphantly.

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Bowser: The Innocent Giant

“Bowser is innocent and sweet, and that makes him so funny and lovable,” Kiernan expressed, shedding light on the delightful personality of their beloved English Mastiff. The family welcomed Bowser into their lives during the pandemic, and he has become an integral part of their home as the emotional support dog.

Los Angeles Living: Bowser’s Home

Residing in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Bowser and his family continue to share their daily adventures and charming moments with a growing online audience.

Reactions from the TikTok Community

Close Calls, Drama, and Endearing Comments

Since the TikTok post by @bowserthemastiff, the video has garnered more than 203,000 likes and attracted over 2,000 comments, creating a buzz among dog lovers and social media enthusiasts alike.

“That was a close one! We almost lost him,” exclaimed one user, capturing the suspense of Bowser’s bathroom ordeal.

“The bigger the dog, the bigger the baby,” remarked another user, playfully highlighting the gentle giant’s adorable nature.

A third user chimed in with excitement, “What a dramatic rescue! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

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