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How Much Do Fennec Foxes Cost - Fumi Pets

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Humans have long been intrigued by the strange and unusual, and exotic animals have often served as status symbols of power and wealth.

Even in ancient Rome, Greece, China, and Egypt, rich nobles maintained exotic creatures like elephants, monkeys, and large cats as a public show of their wealth.

The tiny Fennec Fox has lately gained popularity among exotic animal enthusiasts, and since they’re smaller and simpler to care for than bigger exotics, they’re in high demand as pets. Is it true that they’ve become the new status symbol? Most likely not.

Their adorable features and large ears have captivated fans. Are they affordable? That depends on how you define the term.

Tom Harford Columbia Teaches Proper Fennec Fox Care

How much do Fennec Foxes cost? 

Fennec foxes go for about $2,500 apiece on average. Due to the unusual care needs, inability to have several litters per year, specific foods required, high demand, licencing costs, and shipping expenses, exotic pets such as foxes are typically expensive.

We’ll explain why these incredibly adorable pets aren’t exactly cheap in the coming sections, as well as provide some useful advice if you decide a Fennec Fox is right for you.

The Reasons Fennec Foxes Are Expensive

Responsible Fennec breeders really care about their animals and devote a significant amount of time and money to raising a litter of adorable young foxes. Let’s take a look at the contributing elements that result in a fox kit’s high price tag.

Fennec fox | Smithsonian's National Zoo

They Are An Exotic Pet

Fennecs are classified as exotic animals because they are not frequently maintained as pets or easily available in pet shops, they are wild creatures that are not native to the United States, are not tamed, and need specialised care.

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Exotic pets are usually very costly due to their rarity and unique characteristics and habits.

Aside from the initial investment in a breeding pair or two of Fennec Foxes, breeders must ensure that their animals are regularly examined by a veterinarian who is experienced with exotic animals. Routine check-ups, vaccines, blood testing, specific vitamins, and supplements add up fast, and the cost of the kits reflects this.

They Require Special Housing 

Most dog breeders let their breeding stock wander freely about the home, but Fennec Fox breeders are unable to do so. Male Fennecs become violent both before and after breeding since their nature urges them to protect their female at all costs. Females will be protective of their new litter when they are born and will guard them fiercely.

If a breeder has multiple breeding pairs, each may need its own space, or if the breeder lives in a warm region, separate outdoor enclosures for each pair may be required.

When temperatures rise and fall in the wild, Fennec Foxes use their burrows to keep warm. Naturally, the temperature in captivity must be constantly controlled by the breeder, particularly if the foxes are kept outside.

In addition to temperature control and living quarters, breeders must pay for litter boxes, toys, exercise equipment, and a variety of other expenses related to sheltering and entertaining these small animals.

Fennec Fox Animal Facts | Vulpes zerda | AZ Animals

There Is Usually Only One Breeding Season Per Year

In the spring, Fennec Foxes typically have just one litter of two to five youngsters. If the litter does not survive, they may reproduce again the following year, although this is not the usual.

To take advantage of this, some breeders may take the litter away from the parents as soon as it is born, in the hopes that the couple will breed again. They will then raise the kits by hand.

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This method may seem to be unjust to the foxes, but it does result in kits that are docile and easy to manage. Small, rare litters are a major factor in the high cost of the kits.

They Have Expensive Dietary Needs

A diet more than cheap, generic dog food is required for Fennec Foxes. They have high protein requirements, therefore a mix of high-quality, grain-free, high-protein dog food, cat food, whole mice, pinkies, chicken and/or rabbit parts, insects, fruits, and vegetables is generally ideal.

When a breeder feeds this perfect meal to many Fennecs on a daily basis, the feed costs rapidly mount, forcing the price of the kits to increase.

Fennec fox - Wikipedia

They are in High Demand With Only a Few Breeders

When an unusual pet becomes popular, such as the Fennec Fox is doing right now, demand skyrockets. Unfortunately, there aren’t many certified Fennec Fox breeders, and there aren’t enough to meet demands.

In fact, expect to be put on a waiting list for the next anticipated litter if you want to acquire one of these beautiful little pets. Often, the next litter is already taken, and you may have to wait a year or more to put a deposit on a kit.

Average costs would certainly decrease if there were a large number of licenced breeders, but that is not the situation right now.

Licensing, Permits, And Inspections Costs A Fortune

Before selling their foxes, American breeders of Fennec Foxes must be certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). State laws differ, however some need licences for anybody who wants to maintain (but not necessarily breed) a Fennec Fox on their premises.

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Inspection Service will conduct unannounced, periodic inspections of anyone who have a USDA licence (APHIS).

Breeders must not only spend money on a regular basis to maintain their facilities clean, current, and compliant with USDA standards, but they must also pay for licencing and other required permits on an annual basis.

Fennec fox | Smithsonian's National Zoo

Shipping Fees Are Expensive

Because there are so few genuine Fennec Fox breeders, you’ll either have to go a great way to pick up your new pet (and pay for transportation, food, and accommodation) or arrange for him to be delivered to you. The majority of fox breeders will ship their foxes, but guess who pays for it?

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Shipping a Fennec Fox may easily cost $300 or more, depending on the airline and the distance involved.

To Ensure Good Homes

In terms of general maintenance, Fennec Foxes may be very costly. Commercial food and/or a specialised diet, outside enclosures, a dedicated space within the home, a crate or multi-level cage, toys, cleaning supplies, and other expenses all add up.

It may seem harsh, but it is in the fox’s best interests for the breeder to demand exorbitant fees in order to filter out potential purchasers who cannot afford to provide a Fennec Fox with the care he needs for the remainder of his life.

It would be sad if someone spent all of their money on a fox only to discover later that they couldn’t afford to keep him. Fennecs are notoriously bad at rehoming, thus this would be a true tragedy.

Where Can I Find Fennec Fox Breeders?

It may be difficult to locate a reputable Fennec Fox breeder. Most Fennec breeders will export their foxes, so locating just one reputable breeder may be sufficient.

It’s worth noting that on many sites with breeder listings, such as, some entries are out of date, some “breeders” are really dealers or exhibitors, and only a handful are licenced breeders.

We don’t suggest buying from an internet shop or a dealer since you can’t be sure of the animal’s health or if it was properly reared and handled. You may even end yourself buying an animal that was acquired illegally. In fact, buying a Fennec from an unregistered breeder is against the law.

If you’re having trouble contacting a reputable breeder, consider contacting an exotics exhibitor. They may be able to help you find what you’re looking for. Another option is to utilise social media to spread the word about your search for a licenced breeder.

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Is Adopting An Older Fennec Fox A Good Idea?

While it may seem like adopting an older Fennec is a smart idea, it seldom works out. Fennec Foxes connect with their original family since it is their normal behaviour in the wild, and they do not adapt well or bond with their new owners when moved to a new house. Buying a newly weaned fox is a better option.


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