Pet Flying Squirrel Masters Art of Faking Death: Internet Reactions and Insights

Pet Flying Squirrel Masters Art of Faking Death

Last Updated on June 7, 2023 by Fumipets

Pet Flying Squirrel Masters Art of Faking Death: Internet Reactions and Insights


When it comes to animal intelligence, we often limit our thinking to the usual domesticated pets like cats and dogs. Yet, the internet continually provides a platform for some unusual yet remarkable talents from the less-common pets, like the flying squirrel, that steal the spotlight and challenges our preconceptions.

A recent viral video of a pet flying squirrel faking its death has left viewers amused and astounded.

The video clip, which is buzzing around the internet, features a flying squirrel engaging in a theatrical act of its own demise, using a broomstick as a prop.

Without any narration or context, the video captures this extraordinary rodent staging an uncannily convincing crime scene time and again, seemingly of its own volition.

Twitter user @Birrellebee expressed the collective sentiment of the viewers, tweeting that the squirrel “faked his own death, and created a whole crime sceneā€¦for attention. I think I’m in love.”

Squirrel Masters Art of Faking Death:

The exact motivation behind the squirrel’s antics remains a mystery, as there’s no plausible explanation offered by anyone yet. The act might be for attention or could be attributed to another reason altogether, but that’s purely speculation.

References to squirrels kept as pets have raised a few eyebrows. While it’s generally not recommended to keep flying squirrels as indoor pets, the specific circumstances regarding this pet squirrel remain unknown1. It could be a case of a rescued or injured squirrel that can’t survive in the wild.

Despite the mystery shrouding its backstory, one thing is certain: this flying squirrel deserves a standing ovation for its performance.

The way it impeccably somersaults into position, arranges the broomstick across its neck, and sprawls itself flat on its back is nothing short of Oscar-worthy.

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The squirrel’s diligence in checking if anyone is watching and its meticulous adjustments to the prop to enhance the believability of the scene is further testament to its exceptional performance skills.

Though it remains uncertain whether it was consciously staging its demise or merely engaging in an unusual play, the flying squirrel’s act has indeed grabbed the internet’s attention.

Its performance has not only entertained millions but has also initiated discussions on animal intelligence and behaviours2, making us question what we think we know about our furry friends.


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