San Francisco Airport’s Wag Brigade Welcomes Duke, Its First Therapy Cat

San Francisco Airport's Wag Brigade Welcomes Duke

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Furry Comfort for Nervous Flyers: San Francisco Airport Welcomes its First Therapy Cat, Duke, to the Wag Brigade


Wag Brigade’s Purrfect Addition

Travel can be a stressful experience. But for cat enthusiasts journeying through San Francisco, they’re in for a delightful surprise! San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has unveiled its newest team member to their squad of certified therapy animals – the very first feline member, Duke. SFO’s “Wag Brigade” is ready to make your airport travel experience more joyful than ever before.

From Feral to Furry Therapist: Duke’s Journey

Duke, or as he’s formally known, Duke Ellington Morris, was a scrappy survivor from a San Francisco feral cat colony before he was adopted into his loving forever home.

After his rescue and medical care from San Francisco Animal Care and Control, Duke’s adoptive family recognized his unique calming presence.

Training the Purrfect Therapy Cat

Duke’s serene nature prompted his family to certify him as a therapy animal with the esteemed San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Animal Assisted Therapy Program.

San Francisco Airport's Wag Brigade Welcomes Duke

After the successful completion of rigorous training, Duke now brings comfort to individuals across various age groups, supporting them through stress, illness, and adversity. His new mission? To alleviate the stress of air travel!

Wag Brigade: Bringing Joy to Travelers Since 2013

Launched in 2013, the Wag Brigade has been SFO’s innovative initiative to boost passenger travel experiences. The Brigade is composed of certified therapy animals who strut around the airport in their fetching “Pet Me” vests, often adorned in seasonal costumes, creating delightful moments for travelers.

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Each of these furry therapists is selected based on their temperament and suitability for the busy airport environment.

Meet the Diverse Wag Brigade Team

While the Wag Brigade was initially a dog team, it now celebrates diversity with members like Alex the Flemish giant rabbit, LiLou the Juliana-breed pig, and the newest, and first non-canine addition, Duke the Cat.

San Francisco Airport's Wag Brigade Welcomes Duke

Duke’s introduction to the Wag Brigade was announced through an adorable Instagram post featuring Duke donning a pilot’s uniform. Enthusiastic travelers filled the comment section, expressing their excitement and anticipation to meet Duke during their travels.


With Duke the Cat now officially “pawtrolling” the terminals, SFO travelers can expect a cuddly, calming presence during their journeys. We can’t wait to see the amazing work Duke and the rest of the Wag Brigade will continue to do to make traveling a more pleasant experience!

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