Ruby’s Grand Adventure: Giant Pet Tortoise Wows Reeltown

Giant Pet Tortoise Wows Reeltown

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Ruby’s Grand Adventure: Giant Pet Tortoise Wows Reeltown


A whimsical and unexpected Sunday escapade by a gargantuan tortoise, named Ruby, became the talk of Reeltown, encapsulating the community’s fascination and concern. This 75-pound Sulcata tortoise, an otherwise unassuming pet, managed to break free from her enclosure, captivating the neighborhood’s attention and making her the star of the day.

An Unusual Prison Break

Typically, Sulcata tortoises are more prone to burrowing under obstacles than climbing over them, but Ruby, the maverick, had other plans. Her custom-built outdoor box, made from decking boards and reaching the height of an adult’s calf, stood no chance against her determination and strength. In an unexpected twist, she dislodged the top two boards, hoisted herself over the remaining lower board, and set out on her grand adventure.

The Cox family, Ruby’s caregivers, discovered the empty enclosure and immediately sprung into action, searching their 10-acre farm for any trace of Ruby. Word of the missing tortoise spread like wildfire on Facebook, engaging the Reeltown community in the search, transforming an otherwise quiet Sunday into a neighborhood-wide turtle hunt.

A Community Unites

“Our neighborhood became the set of an impromptu detective story,” said Nicolette Cox. “As we dropped our kids at Vacation Bible School, everyone’s primary concern was about Ruby and her whereabouts.” The community’s investment in the search didn’t go in vain. Ruby was found that same afternoon, two streets down from her house, taking a nap in the yard of a surprised neighbor.

Giant Pet Tortoise Wows Reeltown

The rescue mission, however, wasn’t as straightforward as it might seem. With the tortoise blending in with the natural surroundings and the hot weather making her sluggish, Nicolette’s husband, Brian, missed Ruby’s location thrice before the neighbor pointed her out. The adventure concluded when Brian hoisted the 75-pound tortoise onto his truck and returned home, marking the end of Ruby’s brief but enchanting foray into the outside world.

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A Gentle Giant with a Big Heart

Despite her unexpected adventure, Ruby is a beloved part of the Cox family. Originally brought home 13 years ago by Nicolette’s sister-in-law, Laura, Ruby has since grown from a palm-sized baby into a 75-pound gentle giant. When Laura had to move into a rental property in Atlanta, Ruby found a new home with Nicolette, Brian, and their young daughter, Evie, who has developed a special bond with the tortoise.

“She’s a part of our family,” says Nicolette, sharing details of her 4-year-old daughter feeding Ruby and spending time with her in the garden. “Ruby loves us and follows us around, knowing we are her source of food.”

Life After the Great Escape

After Ruby’s high-profile escape, the Cox family has brainstormed new strategies to ensure Ruby stays safe and entertained at home. They’ve ordered an Apple AirTag to track her movements and are also planning to enhance Ruby’s enclosure to keep her stimulated, hinting at adding features like those found in zoo exhibits.

No matter the adventure or escapade, one thing is certain: Ruby, the giant Sulcata tortoise, has not only captured the hearts of the Cox family but also those of an entire community.

News Source: Tallassee Tribune



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