Frankie the Frenchie: The Sheep-Herding Sensation

The Sheep-Herding Sensation

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Frankie the Frenchie: The Internet’s Favorite Farmhand


Meet Frankie, the Unconventional Farm Worker

In the world of hardworking dogs, Frankie is not your average canine employee. She’s a French bulldog with remarkable sheep-herding skills that have taken the internet, particularly TikTok, by storm. In this heartwarming tale, we delve into the story of Frankie, the ‘hardest worker on the farm.’

The TikTok Sensation

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok lately, you might have stumbled upon a delightful video shared by @frankiethefrenchkelpie. In this video, Frankie showcases her extraordinary talent. With impressive agility, she leaps onto the backs of sheep and nimbly hops from one to another. This isn’t just a cute trick; it serves a vital purpose—ushering the sheep onto a ramp located at the back of a truck.

An Audience Favorite

Frankie’s unique talent has not gone unnoticed. In fact, more than one video of her antics has left viewers in awe, amassing an astounding 4.1 million views. Her remarkable herding abilities are a testament to the French bulldog’s intelligence and eagerness to please their owners.

The French Bulldog Phenomenon

It’s no surprise that dogs like Frankie are a hit online. French bulldogs, often affectionately called “Frenchies,” are known for being relatively easy to train and eager to please their owners. The American Kennel Club (AKC) attests to their intelligence and adaptability, making them a great fit for various lifestyles, including apartment living due to their manageable size.

The New Top Dog

In a surprising twist, the French bulldog claimed the title of the most favored dog breed among Americans in 2022, toppling the Labrador’s reign after three decades. This shift was reflected in the AKC’s list of popular dog breeds. Frenchies’ small size, adaptability, and charming personalities have endeared them to dog lovers nationwide.

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Frankie’s Not Alone

Size is no barrier to talent, and Frankie is not the only Frenchie showcasing unique abilities. In a previous Newsweek article, we highlighted Lync, another French bulldog with a penchant for riding sheep. Remarkably, it’s not just dogs that like to get involved in farm work; some felines are farm enthusiasts too.

The Unusual Farmhand

Cat owners have shared amusing stories of their pets trying to “boss around” farm animals. These tales include cats chasing sheep, cattle, and even chickens. In this context, a Frenchie working on a farm doesn’t seem all that unusual after all. It’s a delightful reminder of the diverse roles our pets can play in our lives.

Frankie’s Rise to Stardom

Frankie’s TikTok videos have garnered substantial attention, accumulating an impressive 26,100 likes and over 280 comments. Responding to one user’s comment, the owner affectionately referred to Frankie as “[the] hardest worker on the farm.”

Mixed Reactions

While many viewers praised Frankie’s talent, some couldn’t believe what they were seeing. One commenter humorously exclaimed, “No way, that is a Frenchie thinking he is a border collie!” Another viewer likened Frankie’s technique to “crowd surfing.”

Not All Frenchies Are Farmhands

However, not all Frenchies are cut out for farm life. One owner humorously shared, “My Frenchie is such a diva that he makes me carry him if the ground is too muddy.”

The End of the Tale

Newsweek attempted to reach out to @frankiethefrenchkelpie for further details but couldn’t verify the specifics of Frankie’s remarkable farmhand journey.

In this heartwarming story, Frankie reminds us of the extraordinary talents our four-legged friends can possess and the joy they bring to our lives.



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