Heroic Vinny: Tiny Dog Rescues Sibling from Coyote

Heroic Vinny: Tiny Dog Rescues Sibling from Coyote

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Unleashing Bravery: Vinny the Three-Toothed ‘Superhero’ Dog Saves His Puppy Brother from a Coyote Attack


A Tale of Unexpected Heroism

Vinny, a small 11-year-old Maltese mix weighing a mere 10 pounds, might have lost most of his teeth, but his courage remains unshaken. Vinny, armed with just three teeth, his bark, and an unyielding spirit, showcased an act of heroism that left everyone in awe.

The source of this trending tale is KTLA, which reports on a chilling backyard surveillance camera footage of Vinny rescuing his puppy brother, Harley, from a predatory coyote.

The Encounter in the Backyard

The cameras reveal a coyote sneaking through a partially open gate and seizing Harley by the neck. Adding to the peril, a second coyote lurked outside, vigilantly watching the entire incident.

However, Vinny’s alertness saved the day. Hearing Harley’s terrified cries, Vinny darted across the yard, facing the much larger coyote head-on. Taken aback, the coyote released Harley and scurried away, leaving Harley to run in the opposite direction, albeit with some frightening injuries.

David’s Little Warrior

Vinny’s owner, David Masculoso, isn’t surprised by the small dog’s audacious response. According to him, Vinny, the feisty Maltese mix, has never been daunted by creatures much larger than himself — even by David.

Recalling the dog’s earlier days, David said, “The first day we brought him home, I went to pet him, and he started growling at me.” Despite his size and age, Vinny’s courageous act of chasing off a 60-pound coyote left David in awe of his pet. He proudly declares, “He’s our little hero.”

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Hero in the Nick of Time

Like any true hero, Vinny stepped up just in time. Harley’s injuries were severe, requiring 20 stitches. According to KCAL, the puppy wouldn’t have survived much longer had it not been for Vinny’s brave intervention. The feisty Maltese chased off two coyotes single-handedly.

Heroic Vinny: Tiny Dog Rescues Sibling from Coyote

David’s wife, Erin, also shared her admiration for Vinny, acknowledging that the small dog’s bravery surpassed her expectations. Recounting the extent of Harley’s injuries, she explained that the puppy had two lacerations on his upper back, one on his chest, and additional bite marks and abrasions.

Tribute to the Fearless Protector

David, brimming with pride for his brave pet, playfully expressed his wish to find a superhero cape for Vinny. “Vinny’s a superhero. He’s always been a scrapper. He’s just not afraid of anything,” he said, adding humorously, “I’d give him a steak but he has no teeth.”

The Lessons From Vinny’s Tale

Vinny’s heroic story underscores the unassuming bravery that can exist in the smallest of packages. It’s a reminder that size doesn’t limit courage, and love and protection for family members — be it human or canine — can inspire remarkable feats.

In an era where stories of pet dogs fending off threats and demonstrating inexplicable bravery are becoming increasingly common, Vinny’s tale stands as a heartening symbol of canine loyalty and courage.

This tiny ‘superhero’ dog, with his three teeth and an immeasurable spirit, has given us a tale that won’t soon be forgotten.

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