How Strong Is A Boerboel’s Bite Force?

boerboel bite force

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Unveiling the Potent Bite Force of Boerboels


Boerboels, South Africa’s robust and fearless breed, are known for their exceptional strength. Their impressive physique and powerful jaws give rise to questions about their bite force. In this article, we explore just how strong a Boerboel’s bite force is and what factors contribute to their formidable jaws.


The South African Mastiff, often known as the Boerboel, is a large and powerful breed of dog. This breed, which may weigh up to 200 pounds, has a biting power of 450 pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI). This may not come close to the wolf’s jaw-dropping 1,500 PSI bite pressure, but it is one of the most powerful dog bites and is approaching the 600 PSI biting pressure of a lion.

Fortunately, despite being raised as a guard dog initially, the Boerboel is regarded as a sociable dog that makes an excellent family companion and is naturally patient with kids. Additionally, it is clever and not too difficult to train.

About The Boerboel

The Boerboel is a huge, strong dog that resembles a mastiff. It was developed in South Africa to guard farms and residences. It may reach up to about 200 pounds, with the male normally becoming larger than the female. The dog is big in size, taking at least 18 months to achieve full maturity, and has an average lifetime of around 10 years.

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Despite being developed as a guard dog, the Boerboel also makes a wonderful family companion and will develop a strong attachment with every member of the family. It is reputed to be kind to kids.

Due to the breed’s propensity for laziness, owners must make sure their Boerboels receive enough exercise and maintain a healthy weight. When this dog is maintained as a family pet, there are seldom any aggression issues; nevertheless, early socialization, efficient training, and love and devotion may further assure a friendly and loving companion.

Boerboel Bite Force

The strength of mastiff breeds is one of their distinguishing traits. This strength extends to their teeth and jaws, as well as the ability to pull, push, and transport huge items. They can bite with a vicious power of 450 pounds per inch (PSI). That seems excessive until you realize that a lion’s bite power, which is sufficient to gnaw through bones and other hard objects, is just 600 PSI.

How Does the Boerboel Compare to Other Animals?

It pales in comparison to the biting forces of wild creatures like the great white shark and crocodile, which are comparable to 3,700 PSI and 4,000 PSI, respectively. The most potent and some of the wild animals’ biting forces that are equivalent to those of the Boerboel are listed below.

Bite Force Comparison

Domestic Cat – 75 PSI:

A domestic cat can bite with 75 pounds of pressure per inch, which may not seem like much, but their teeth are razor-sharp. This degree of pressure helps them to readily grasp and hold on to their prey considering that they would hunt little rodents. Additionally, it implies that cat bites are still likely to hurt and cause bleeding.

Human – 150 PSI:

Despite not using their teeth for hunting, humans do utilize their teeth to chew through difficult portions of meat, which is why their bite pressure is 150 PSI. Our teeth, however, are dull because they are made for eating and crushing rather than piercing, in contrast to many wild creatures.

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Lion – 650 PSI:

The fact that lions only have a 650PSI biting pressure, which is lower than some of the fiercest dog bites, is shocking. The fact that they hunt in groups, have incredibly keen teeth, and have claws helps them in their search. Large prey, like wildebeest, may still be brought down and eaten where they land with 650 PSI of pressure.

Wolf – 1,200 PSI:

A wolf typically bites with about the same amount of power as a Boerboel, or around 450 PSI, but if its life is in jeopardy, it may increase that force to 1,200 PSI, which is horrifying and comparable to a hyena’s.

Saltwater Crocodile – 3,700PSI:

Although the two animals are quite similar in size, the saltwater crocodile has a biting pressure that is more than that of a hippopotamus, a jaguar, a gorilla, and nearly equal to that of a great white shark. Additionally, they have 66 very sharp teeth that can quickly rip through the majority of prey. Fortunately, the likelihood of being assaulted is 1 in over 2 million.

What Is the Dog with the Strongest Bite Force?

Although the biting force of 450 PSI is amazing, it is not the strongest dog bite. The Kangal possesses a biting force that is almost 750 PSI, which is more than a lion’s, while the Bandog and Cane Corso also have bite forces of at least 700 PSI. The following are the top five most lethal dog bites, all of which included mastiff breeds:

Dog Bite Forces

Dogue de Bordeaux – 556 PSI:

The French Mastiff, or Dogue de Bordeaux, is devoted to family but may be distant or reserved among strangers. They sometimes exhibit laziness and drool, which is another characteristic shared by many mastiffs. A lot.

Tosa Inu – 556PSI:

The biting power of a Tosa Inu is comparable to that of a French Mastiff. This enormous Japanese dog is a hybrid between the Mastiff, Great Dane, and Bull Dog. This dog is not recommended for inexperienced owners due to its temperament and training challenges.

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Cane Corso – 700 PSI:

The Italian Mastiff has a commanding appearance because to its smashed ears and, often, docked tail. Another breed that may be lovable and friendly around the family with early socialization and appropriate training, but you must make sure that it is properly taught.

Bandog – 730PSI:

This mastiff-bulldog hybrid was taught to be a watchdog and a protector. It possesses one of the strongest bites of any dog breed, is muscular, and has a vicious appearance. It is devoted and needs plenty of interaction with others.

Kangal – 743 PSI:

Turkish shepherds are not suitable for inexperienced owners. Given its savage biting power and need for its owner to assume leadership, it is a breed that should not be taken lightly.

How Strong Is a Boerboel’s Bite Force?

The strength of a dog’s bite is not a sign of aggressiveness, and it does not imply that a dog of that breed would be dangerous to its owners or outsiders. It does, however, imply that if the dog is not properly socialized and taught, or, even worse, if it is trained to be violent, it might do significant harm if it bites.

The Boerboel, also known as the South African Mastiff, is one of numerous breeds of mastiffs with a strong biting force of 450 PSI. It is comparable to other big breeds but still falls well short of the enormous 743 PSI biting force pressure number of the Kangal breed.

Questions & Answers:



What is the bite force of a Boerboel?

The bite force of a Boerboel can vary, but it’s estimated to be around 800 to 850 pounds per square inch (psi), making them one of the dog breeds with a strong bite.


What contributes to the Boerboel’s formidable bite force?

Factors like jaw muscle mass, skull structure, and overall size play a significant role in a Boerboel’s powerful bite force.


Why do Boerboels have such a strong bite?

Boerboels were originally bred as working dogs for protection and hunting, requiring a strong bite to excel in these roles.


How does a Boerboel’s bite force compare to other dog breeds?

Boerboels rank among the top breeds with strong bite forces, but they are outperformed by breeds like the Kangal and Mastiff.


Should Boerboel owners be concerned about their bite force?

Boerboels are gentle and loyal companions when properly trained and socialized. While they have a potent bite force, it’s more important to focus on responsible ownership, training, and socialization to ensure they are well-behaved and safe around people and other animals.




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