Some cats and dogs get along well, while others do not. In extreme instances, your dog may hunt down and attack your cat. If your dog is acting aggressively toward your cat, behaviour retraining is necessary to avoid a catastrophe.

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Step 1 

Physically separate your dog and cat in different rooms. Make sure they have food and drink, as well as a litter box for the cat. Make the spaces as pleasant as possible for each animal.

Step 2 

Teach your dog basic obedience instructions that you can use to keep him away from the cat or to intervene in an assault scenario. Three helpful commands to practise on with your dog are “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it.” Consult a trainer if necessary, and gradually increase the number of times you practise the instructions in settings when there are distractions. A qualified professional dog trainer may also assess your dog’s behaviour and provide recommendations on how to handle a dog with a high prey drive. Enrolling your dog in obedience courses is an excellent method to teach him proper manners.

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Step 3 

When a dog is cooped up in the home all day with nothing to do, he gets bored, irritated, and irritable. During the day, puzzle toys stuffed with delicious dog treats keep your dog busy while also stimulating his intellect. A weary dog is less likely to pursue or harm your cat, both psychologically and physically.

Step 4

Allow them to sniff each other’s smells for a few days via a closed-door, keeping an eye out for indications of predatory aggressiveness in your dog, such as growling, snarling, or snapping. Once your dog is comfortable in your cat’s presence with the door closed, prop it open just a crack with a heavy item like a paperweight for a few minutes at a time so the animals can view but not approach one other.

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Step 5 

Delicious goodies assist in associating the presence of the other animal with something positive. Allow your dog to be near the cat while on a leash and under your supervision after meets by exiting via the slightly open door. Keep your dog’s attention on you rather than the cat by using vocal instructions.

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Treats for both furbabies should continue to be used to encourage good interactions. You may be able to let your cat and dog socialise without a leash in the future.

Even if they behave well in your presence, dogs with a strong hunting drive may need constant monitoring and should not be left alone with your cat. If necessary, seek the advice of a qualified professional dog trainer.

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