How to Get Dogs Unstuck After Mating (2 Proven Methods)

How to Get Dogs Unstuck After Mating

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How to Get Dogs Unstuck After Mating


Mating between dogs can sometimes result in a phenomenon known as a “tie” or “knot.” This occurs when the male dog’s bulbus glandis swells inside the female, causing them to become physically stuck together.

While this is a natural part of the mating process, it can be concerning for dog owners. It’s crucial to handle this situation with care and patience to ensure the well-being of both dogs involved. This guide provides steps and insights on how to safely and gently separate dogs after mating to prevent injury or discomfort.

Dogs Gets Stuck after Mating

When your dog becomes trapped during mating, especially if you’re a novice dog breeder or owner, it might be upsetting. This procedure, known as a “tie,” is typical of the breeding process and poses no threat.

There is no need for human interference since it is a natural occurrence, and there are only two methods to free your dog from its mating-related impasse.

The 2 Methods to Get Dogs Unstuck After Mating

1. Leave Them Be

This can sound like a poor idea, particularly because it might be unsettling to watch your dog tied to someone else. But, dogs have been mating for thousands of years without the assistance of humans, and given enough time, they will naturally unstick.

A tie often lasts between five and twenty minutes. There is no need to be concerned if a dog’s first breeding cycle causes them to take a bit longer to separate. In fact, the duration of a tie may be attributed to anxiety.

2. Calm Anxious Nerves

If neither dog is used to the breeding procedure, giving the female a gentle pat on the head should help ease her fear. You must use caution in calming your worries as well. Dogs are renowned for being adept at detecting our inner turmoil and won’t relax at all if they sense your stress.

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Keep your cool and give your dog a few ear rubs to calm him down. They will be able to unwind sufficiently as a result to break free.

Never Forcefully Separate Tied Dogs

When your dogs are confined together, it can be simple to assume that separating them as soon as possible is the best course of action, whether you’re trying to avoid getting pregnant or you’re concerned about your dog’s pain. Regardless of the justification, it is never a good idea to physically separate your dogs by shoving them apart or frightening them.

Even if you don’t mean to, interfering could harm the dogs in the process in addition to adding to their stress, especially if they have never mated before.

Why Do Dogs Become Tied?

Knowing the process of canine reproduction can help you react to your dog becoming trapped when mating.

The “bulbus glandis” are glands found on the penis of male dogs. These expand during copulation and help to bind the mating dogs together after ejaculation, along with the female’s tightening of her vaginal muscles.

There are two potential explanations for this:

to stop the female from mating with another male dog before fertilization takes place

to increase the likelihood of pregnancy by preventing sperm leakage

Male dogs frequently dismount and turn around during the tie, leaving the dogs back to back. This is another natural step in the process and is either carried out alone or with the help of a breeder. While there is no conclusive explanation for why dogs behave in this way, it presumably stems from their wild ancestors’ need to defend themselves from predators.

Does The Tie Hurt?

Sometimes, during mating, the female dog may growl, bark, or whine. This can be one of the why dog owners desire to keep their dogs apart so they don’t damage one other. Yet, as long as the dogs are left alone, neither the male nor the female should suffer any harm when mating. Of course, a woman can experience greater discomfort than a man.

Yet during their first mating, it could be very uncomfortable for both dogs. All species, not only dogs, feel awkward due to lack of experience. Most of the discomfort or suffering that any dog experiences is also brought on by anxiety. Because of this, it’s crucial that you, as the owner, project serenity and maintain both dogs’ relaxed states to prevent unneeded harm.

Do Dogs Always Get Pregnant When They Tie?

Even though a tie might happen after ejaculation, pregnancy is not always guaranteed. Your dog may still get pregnant even if no tie occurs at all.

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When your dog is old enough, the female goes through two phases of her heat cycle, which is what causes pregnancy (6 months for small breeds, 12 months for larger breeds).

Stage One: Proestrus

At this phase, bleeding and other symptoms like a vulva that is enlarged and excessive urine take place. A female dog will fend off any potential suitors on her own during proestrus, which lasts for 10 days since she isn’t ready for fertilization.

Stage Two: Estrus

The first stage is immediately followed by the fertile phase, which lasts for around 5 days. The female dog will be more receptive to male attention since she will be aware that she is fertile.

The majority of breeders keep the male and female canines together for a while to assure conception, even if one mating during this period may be sufficient for fertilization to take place.

How to Avoid Pregnancy

Puppies are lovely, that much is obvious. Sadly, they are also costly to maintain and often end up in shelters abandoned when their owners are unable to find homes for them.

There are methods to stop your dog from becoming pregnant, albeit not all of them are long-term fixes if you want to breed your dog in the future.


Isolation may be more difficult to achieve depending on your dog’s escape skills or when you also have a male dog. There are several methods you may do this.

Using a crate is the simplest method to keep your female dog out of harm’s way, even if it may seem harsh, especially if you haven’t yet taught your dog to use one. This is especially true if you also have an intact male at home. If you can’t do that, you can keep the dogs apart when the female is in season. When they go pee outdoors, keep them apart from one another.

Enclosed yard: Keeping your dog in a fenced yard is a less assured alternative. Depending on your fence’s quality and if your dog can escape or another dog may enter, this has varied degrees of effectiveness.

Reduce Her Time Outside

To lessen the possibility of coming into contact with unfixed male dogs during the last few days of your female’s heat, you should restrict her access to the outdoors. Keep walks short and keep a careful check on her to prevent her from escaping.

Dog Diapers

Dog-specific diapers are available at all pet shops. Not only are they very helpful for incontinence, but they may also hinder mating by preventing your female dog from dripping blood all over the place while she is in the proestrus stage of her heat.

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Certain male dogs may rip through them, so this solution isn’t always reliable.


After 48 hours following breeding, a veterinarian may inject a “morning after” medication for dogs. This reaction is not advised since it may result in hormonal abnormalities and other illnesses.

Chemical Castration

You can chemically castrate your male dog if you have a male and a female dog and don’t want to have either of them fixed. This will temporarily render them infertile for a period of up to 6 months, allowing you to breed your dogs afterwards.

Nonetheless, you must still keep your female dog away from male dogs outside your home.


The female reproductive organs are surgically and permanently removed during spaying. This prevents becoming pregnant and other undesirable conditions including breast and ovarian cancer.

This alternative will also prevent your female dog from going into heat, and you’ll be able to prevent both undesired pregnancies and the blood patches that she’ll bleed. Also, you might stop additional pups from being abandoned in shelters or pets from being overpopulated.


Although the sight of two dogs clinging to one another might be unsettling, particularly for new dog owners or others who aren’t acquainted with the tie phenomena, it’s a normal stage of the dog breeding process.

After mating, there is no way to physically free your dog without harming both the male and the female. Being cool and waiting it out is your best and only option. Your dogs will eventually separate themselves without suffering any harm.

Try to calm the female dog down by caressing her if the tie goes on for more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, don’t even bother to participate.

5 Common Questions About How to Get Dogs Unstuck After Mating:


What Causes Dogs to Get Stuck Together During Mating?

The “tie” or physical connection between mating dogs is primarily caused by the swelling of the male dog’s bulbus glandis inside the female’s reproductive tract. It’s a natural part of the mating process that ensures successful insemination.


Is It Safe to Separate Dogs During a Tie?

It’s generally not recommended to forcefully separate dogs during a tie, as this can cause injury or discomfort. Instead, it’s best to wait until the tie naturally resolves, which typically lasts 15 to 30 minutes.


Can I Use Lubrication to Help Separate Dogs?

In some cases, applying a water-based lubricant to the male’s bulbus glandis may help reduce friction and ease the separation process. However, it’s essential to do this gently and without causing stress to the dogs.


What Precautions Should I Take When Dogs Are Stuck Together?

While waiting for the tie to resolve, it’s crucial to keep both dogs calm and prevent them from panicking or attempting to break free forcefully. Supervise the situation closely to ensure their safety.


Should I Consult a Veterinarian After Dogs Are Unstuck?

In most cases, dogs separate naturally after mating, and no veterinary intervention is required. However, if you have concerns about your dogs’ well-being or if the tie lasts for an extended period, it’s advisable to consult with a veterinarian for guidance.

Understanding how to handle a tie during dog mating is essential for dog owners. Patience, gentle care, and knowledge of the natural mating process can help ensure the safety and comfort of your dogs during this period.



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