How Much Does a Macaw Cost? (2023 Price Guide)

Macaw Cost

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How Much Does a Macaw Cost?: Unraveling the Price of Vibrant Companionship


Investing in a vibrant and intelligent pet like a Macaw can bring joy to your life, but it’s essential to understand the financial commitment involved.

The cost of a Macaw varies based on factors such as species, age, and where you purchase or adopt. Generally, Macaws can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Beyond the initial purchase, consider ongoing expenses like food, toys, and veterinary care to ensure a happy and healthy life for your feathered companion.

Macaw Cost

Originating in South and Central America is the colorful and stunning Macaw. Since the beginning of the 20th century, people have kept them as pets in large numbers. For the correct keeper, macaws may make wonderful pets with a lifetime of 35 to 60 years.

The majority of hand-reared macaws are calm and simple to handle. They form strong bonds with their owners and are very clever and lively.

Macaws love to interact with people and like copying noises. Despite their poor communication skills, they swiftly catch up on pranks. They will demand stimulation from toys and social engagement due to their high intellect and desire for sociability.

Raising macaws is costly. They consume a lot of food, take up a lot of room, and are pretty enormous. It is crucial to take into account the financial obligation that comes with Macaw ownership. You will be taking on a lifetime of responsibility for the upkeep of this long-lived friend. A macaw costs how much? Find out by reading on.

Bringing Home a New Macaw: One-Time Costs

When deciding whether to buy a macaw bird, expenditures to take into account include the cost of the bird itself as well as the initial setup fees required to guarantee your bird has a happy, fulfilling life in your house.

There are several varieties of macaws, and the one you select to buy will determine the cost of the bird. You must study the several varieties of Macaws that are offered for sale as pets.


It is quite improbable that someone will find one that is free of charge. If the original owner is no longer able to handle the burden, it is most probable that someone will be provided with the bird for free upfront.

Remember that just the bird is free if you do find a macaw that is offered for free. You are still obligated to pay upfront setup fees and a lifetime’s worth of expenses for the animal’s necessary upkeep.



When contemplating any pet, adoption is a fantastic choice. Due to the difficulty of caring for them, many macaws have either been abandoned or given to rescue organizations. Rescue would be a very satisfying decision for both you and your new Macaw if you have determined that owning a Macaw is a responsibility you can manage and afford.

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For rescued Macaws, adoption costs range from $400 to $1000 on average. This is far less than what you would pay if you bought straight from a reliable breeder. You would not only be giving your pet bird a loving home, but you would also be making room for the rescue to take in another Macaw in need.



Expect to pay a hefty sum if you decide to buy your Macaw straight from a breeder. Breeding macaws is difficult, and they are costly to keep. In order to raise these birds, breeders shoulder a significant financial burden.

Your Macaw’s price will vary according to the species. You should conduct your homework to get the Macaw variation that is best suitable for you since there are many different varieties of Macaws available in the pet trade. A Macaw may cost anywhere from $1000 to $18,000 for your bird alone.

First-time Setup and Supplies


Before taking your bird home, you should first get ready by organizing all of your equipment. The price will vary according on your particular preferences, financial situation, and bird’s demands.

Although they may cost as much as $2,000, cages typically cost between $100 and $500 for the cage itself. Inside the cage, you’ll need liners, perches, toys, food and water bowls, and mineral blocks.

Some owners like having a flying harness available so that their Macaws may go on adventures. For your Macaw’s amusement demands, you may even build up educational play areas outside the cage.

You should confirm that you have found a veterinarian with experience treating huge birds. To develop a relationship with your veterinarian and have a healthy beginning to your new life with your Macaw, you will need to undergo an initial checkup.

What Is the Monthly Cost of Maintaining a Macaw?

$100 to $150 monthly

Make sure you are ready to pay the normal monthly expense of owning your Macaw. This huge bird has intricate dietary requirements. They’ll consume a wide range of meals in large quantities.

The majority of your monthly expenses will be for food. A selection of fruits and vegetables, seed mixture, and pellet mixture are required. Additionally, you’ll need to budget for the expense of replacement toys, cage liners, and cleaning materials that will be needed regularly.

Medical Care

$50 to $400 monthly

The cost of your Macaw’s monthly medical care might vary substantially. It goes without saying that their food costs are a part of their total healthcare costs and will continue to be so.

Macaws need regular veterinarian health examinations. In addition to a medical inspection, your veterinarian will groom you (beak, nail, or feather trim as needed.) Testing in a laboratory could be necessary. Instead of monthly, these examinations are often done every two years. The health of your Macaw depends on these checkups.


$50 to $100 monthly

For correct instructions on feeding and caring for your Macaw, you should speak with your veterinarian to be sure you are meeting all of their dietary requirements.

Typically, they consume a diet that is made up of a third seed mix, a third pellet diet, and a third of fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to the size of macaws, their food will be the highest monthly expenditure.

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$5–$50 monthly

A Macaw’s nails, beak, and feathers must be trimmed. Nail clipping may be assisted with perches, which are present in their cage. You may give your Macaw mineral blocks to help it maintain a healthy beak. To prevent flying, the majority of your macaw’s main feathers are often trimmed.

If you feel uncomfortable taking care of your pet’s grooming requirements yourself, you may schedule a veterinarian appointment.

Medicines and Veterinary Visits

$0 to $200 monthly

Generally speaking, veterinary visits do not occur every month. You’ll go for semi-annual check-ups, and you should be ready to go at any moment if any health issues arise. Birds may sometimes need regular medicine. The price each month might change depending on the specific bird you have.

Pet Insurance

$10 to $100 monthly

There are several firms that provide pet insurance products. Many people believe that the monthly cost of having insurance is more affordable than the total high costs of veterinarian care.

To decide whether pet insurance is the correct choice for you, you should examine the various plans and deductibles provided by various businesses.

Environment Maintenance

$10 to $50 monthly

Cleaning is a necessary and frequent task for birds. The messes that macaws create are also rather substantial. As you’ll be using them often, you’ll need to change cage liners and cleaning materials on a regular basis. Mineral blocks, which are essential for your Macaw’s nourishment and help maintain its beak, will also need to be replaced.

Macaws are energetic, perceptive, and sensitive birds. In order to maintain their general wellbeing, they need a lot of mental stimulation. To keep them engaged, hours of amusement must be given to them.

Macaws spend a lot of time chewing in the wild. You must put toys that your Macaw can rip apart or chew in the cage. Leather, non-toxic wood, cardboard, and paper-based toys are suitable for chewing and shredding.

Your Macaw will have a lot of fun in the play areas and exploring trees outside of its cage. They will appreciate noisy, distracting toys, but toys that cognitively puzzle them are also excellent choices since they will keep them engaged.

There are several toys available for your Macaw’s amusement. As required, you’ll have to swap them out.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Macaw

$100–$400 per month

As was mentioned before, a Macaw’s overall monthly cost might change. The complicated diet your Macaw needs will cost the most each month. Cleaning supplies, cage liners, and mineral blocks will need frequent replacement.

Various grooming requirements might affect monthly expenditures. Although you won’t normally have to pay for veterinary appointments on a monthly basis, you should be ready for semi-annual or any other necessary visits.

Additional Charges to Consider

Consider the extra expenses associated with owning your Macaw. Added factors to consider are as follows:

Pet Sitting ($200-$500)

Most of us like taking vacations. It might be more difficult to travel and take vacations when you have a high-maintenance pet at home, like a macaw. You should choose a seasoned pet sitter or boarding facility that can manage the intricate care required for a Macaw.

Emergency Care


Sadly, both people and animals often need emergency treatment at some time in their lives. Emergency veterinary treatment may be quite costly. For your Macaw, a number of diseases and injuries are conceivable.

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An emergency visit should cost you at least $250. In these circumstances, the cost of diagnosis and treatment will likely be significantly greater. For the unexpected, you’ll need to be financially ready.

Owning a Macaw On a Budget

When it comes to Macaw ownership, you cannot skimp on anything. The cost of raising this animal is high. To give your wallet a little more padding, you may make a few little expense reductions here and there.


Regarding the initial cost of a Macaw, choosing to adopt from a rescue is far less costly than buying from a breeder.

Regular Check-Ups

Regular checkups with your veterinarian will assist to guarantee the general well-being of your Macaw. You should try to prevent any health issues if at all feasible since they may be quite expensive.

Couponing and Bargain Shopping

Couponing and Bargain Shopping There are several loyalty schemes, promotions, and couponing applications to keep an eye out for. As a result, you may be able to get high-quality things for your Macaw for a lesser price.

Saving Money on Macaw Care

There are a few solutions available to you if you want to reduce the cost of caring for your macaw. As previously said, it’s important to maintain frequent health examinations. Overall costs will be far lower than if the bird were sickly.

Instead of sending your Macaw to the vet for grooming, you may learn how to do it yourself at home, including how to clip its feathers, cut its nails, and file down its beak. For the sake of the Macaw’s and the owner’s safety, this should be done with care.


Large, emotional, and energetic macaws need a lot of dedication from their owners. It is not advisable to make this decision carelessly.

Macaws are costly not just to buy, but also to keep healthy. To acquire one, you’ll need to put down several thousand dollars upfront and at least $50 to $100 per month.

It’s crucial to take into account the many life changes that could take place and have faith that your feathery travel buddy will stick by your side the whole way. You may even need to think about what would happen to your macaw if you were to die before it.

You must make sure you have the financial means to care for a Macaw for its whole 35–60 year existence. These creatures need your time and care since they are quite sensitive. A Macaw that lives for many decades will accompany you through the majority of your own life’s phases.

Questions & Answers:



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What factors influence the cost of a Macaw?

The species, age, and where you obtain the Macaw can impact the cost. Rare or exotic species tend to be more expensive, and younger birds may cost more than older ones.


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Where can I purchase or adopt a Macaw?

You can find Macaws through reputable breeders, avian rescues, or pet stores. Ensure the source prioritizes the well-being of the birds and provides proper care.


What is the average price range for Macaws?

Prices can vary widely, but on average, Macaws can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Rare species or those with unique colorations may be on the higher end.


Are there additional costs beyond the initial purchase?

Yes, ongoing expenses include quality bird food, toys, and regular veterinary check-ups. Macaws also require a spacious and stimulating environment, which may necessitate additional investments in cages and play equipment.


Are Macaws suitable for first-time bird owners?

While Macaws are intelligent and social, they require experienced and committed owners due to their specific care needs. First-time bird owners may find it beneficial to start with a smaller and less demanding species.

Understanding the cost of bringing a Macaw into your life is crucial for responsible ownership. Beyond the initial purchase, consider the ongoing expenses and the time and commitment required to provide a loving and enriching environment for your feathered friend.




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