Foster Mom’s Heartfelt Message to Adopter Who Returned Dog Within 48 Hours for ‘Biting’

Message to Adopter Who Returned Dog Within 48 Hours

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Foster Mom’s Heartfelt Message to Adopter Who Returned Dog Within 48 Hours for ‘Biting’


An unfortunate reality faced by animal shelters every day is the return of pets by their adopters. These returns often occur due to problematic or aggressive behaviors, health issues, or the pet being larger than expected. According to the ASPCA, these reasons account for 47 percent of re-homed dogs and 42 percent of re-homed cats. Burrito, a shelter dog, experienced this heartbreaking fate, but his foster mom has a different story to tell.

Burrito’s Story: From Shelter to Foster Home

Burrito, like many other shelter animals, found a temporary home with a foster mom before being adopted. However, within 48 hours of his adoption, Burrito was returned to the shelter for allegedly biting and displaying aggressive behavior. His foster mom, who had spent several weeks with him, was stunned by this claim. She had only seen a gentle and affectionate dog who loved to snuggle.

Burrito’s Behavior in Foster Care

In a TikTok video posted on the account @bellaaaaalaaa, Burrito is shown in his natural habitat—sleeping soundly on his foster mom, with his face adorably squished against hers. This video was intended to demonstrate to the adopters that Burrito was nothing but a “snuggle bug.” The foster mom’s disbelief was evident as she expressed her surprise over the adopters’ claims.

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The Incident and Its Aftermath

The shelter informed the foster mom that Burrito had bitten the adopter’s hand while being taken out of the car. After two days, Burrito still hadn’t warmed up to the adopter, leading to his return. This account puzzled the foster mom, as Burrito had shown no signs of aggression while in her care. In fact, she had received kisses from him even before leaving the animal shelter.

Transition to a Long-term Behavioral Foster

Following his return, Burrito was moved to a long-term behavioral foster care. He is no longer listed for adoption by the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter. This move was likely to provide him with the necessary time and environment to address any behavioral issues and to find a more suitable forever home.

Viewer Reactions on TikTok

Burrito’s story quickly gained traction on TikTok, garnering over 1.1 million views, 185,500 likes, and 771 comments as of Tuesday. Viewers shared their reactions, with one user humorously commenting, “Girl, I would be scared, being aggressively snuggled. I’m terrified oh nooo.” Another noted, “He just keeps progressively melting more and more as the video goes on.”

A viewer with a similar experience said, “I have a reactive/aggressive dog and this is quite literally how my dog acts with me and her other mom. They pick their people; you’re his person.”

The Commitment of Adopting a Pet

Adopting a pet is a significant commitment that requires love, patience, and understanding. The transition to a new home can be challenging for animals, and they need time to decompress and adjust. Many adopters follow the 3-3-3 rule, which suggests giving newly adopted pets three days to feel less anxious, three weeks to start settling in, and three months to fully adjust to their new routine.

Understanding the 3-3-3 Rule

  • First 3 Days: Pets often feel overwhelmed and anxious. They may not eat, drink, or act like themselves.
  • First 3 Weeks: Pets start to settle in, showing their true personality as they get used to their new environment.
  • First 3 Months: Pets begin to fully adapt to their new home, establishing a bond with their owners and feeling secure.
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The Importance of Patience and Compassion

The story of Burrito highlights the importance of patience and compassion when adopting a pet. Animals, especially those from shelters, often come with past traumas and need time to trust and adjust. The foster mom’s experience with Burrito demonstrates that a dog labeled as aggressive might just need the right environment and person to thrive.


Burrito’s journey from being returned for alleged aggression to finding solace in foster care underscores the complexities of pet adoption. It’s crucial for potential adopters to understand the commitment involved and to give pets the time they need to adjust. Burrito’s story is a reminder that with patience and love, even the most misunderstood pets can find their place.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions


Why was Burrito returned to the shelter?

Burrito was returned within 48 hours of adoption due to claims of biting and aggressive behavior. However, his foster mom had only observed affectionate behavior from him.

What is the 3-3-3 rule in pet adoption?

The 3-3-3 rule suggests giving newly adopted pets three days to feel less anxious, three weeks to start settling in, and three months to fully adjust to their new home.

How did Burrito behave with his foster mom?

Burrito was affectionate and loved to snuggle with his foster mom. He showed no signs of aggression while in her care.

What happened to Burrito after he was returned?

After being returned, Burrito was placed in a long-term behavioral foster care to address any potential behavioral issues and find a more suitable home.

How can adopters better prepare for bringing a shelter pet home?

Adopters can better prepare by understanding the pet’s background, following the 3-3-3 rule, being patient, and providing a safe and loving environment for the pet to adjust.

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