Mila the Miniature Australian Shepherd: The Internet’s Wiggle Butt Sensation

Mila the Miniature Australian Shepherd

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Mila the Miniature Australian Shepherd: The Internet’s Wiggle Butt Sensation


Mila’s Unconventional Greeting

In the world of canine affection, there are countless ways dogs express their love and excitement when their beloved owners return home. Some wag their tails with such enthusiasm that they seem ready to take flight, while others prefer a more direct approach, welcoming their humans with exuberant body slams.

However, one miniature Australian shepherd named Mila has charmed the internet with her unique and utterly endearing greeting style—she wiggles her heart out.

Whenever Shay Walker, a proud dog parent from Ohio, steps foot back into her home, she knows she’s in for a warm welcome from her canine companions, Jax and Mila. But it’s Mila’s unconventional approach that steals the show.

Rather than the typical tail-wagging or jumping, Mila turns around and wiggles her tail in the air, eagerly anticipating what Walker affectionately refers to as “them booty scratches.”

Walker, who adores Mila’s peculiar greeting, shared her delight, saying, “She just gets so excited; she can’t contain herself.” Despite experiencing this adorable spectacle regularly, Walker remains captivated by Mila’s enthusiasm, knowing exactly what to do to make her furry friend’s day.

Aussie Wiggle Butts: The Heart of the Matter

Life in the company of two Australian shepherds, Jax and Mila, is a constant adventure, with these energetic canines providing endless entertainment. Walker frequently showcases their antics on social media platforms under the handle @shay_jax_mila. One particular video of Mila, showcasing her signature wiggle, has taken the internet by storm.

Uploaded on December 14, this heartwarming clip has already garnered over 11,200 views and received more than 1,200 likes on TikTok. Social media users across the globe have fallen head over heels for Mila’s heartwarming routine when her cherished human returns home.

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Walker shared some insight into Mila’s endearing behavior, explaining, “Aussies are known as wiggle butts, and that’s why. Her whole body starts to move so much that she wiggles herself into a ball while she waits for booty scratches.”

As the world continues to be captivated by Mila’s “wiggle butt” antics, one thing is abundantly clear: this miniature Australian shepherd has successfully melted the hearts of all who have had the privilege of witnessing her unique and heartwarming greeting.

Source: Newsweek


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