Viral Sensation Alert: Ultra Pet’s Whisker-Tickling Cat Video Sets the Internet Alight!

Ultra Pet's Whisker-Tickling Cat Video Sets the Internet Alight!

Last Updated on July 13, 2023 by Fumipets

Viral Sensation Alert: Ultra Pet’s Whisker-Tickling Cat Video Sets the Internet Alight!


Unleashing a Feline Fury – Ultra Pet’s Viral Cat Video

Your daily dose of cute has arrived. Known for its commitment to affordable, premium pet food, Ultra Pet has recently gained massive digital traction with its laugh-out-loud cat video aptly titled, “The Cat One.” Generating over 2.1 million views on TikTok alone, this fur-tastic footage has set the internet purring, proving once again that cats indeed rule the web.

A Purr-fect Viral Hit from Johannesburg

Here’s a treat for all you cat aficionados out there. The South African pet brand, Ultra Pet, strikes again with its latest online hit, “The Cat One,” following their previous viral sensation, “My Best Friend.” Racking up views in the millions on TikTok, this captivating content has all the makings of a viral sensation.

Tara Pape, the creative genius steering the Ultra Pet brand, voiced her elation over the video’s rapid popularity. “We’re ecstatic at the overwhelmingly warm reception to ‘The Cat One,'” she shared. “Our aim has always been to demonstrate that high-quality pet nutrition doesn’t require emptying your wallet. With Ultra Pet, our four-legged friends get the best nourishment at prices that don’t pinch.”

Celebrating our Furry Companions, One Video at a Time

Wondering what makes “The Cat One” stand out in the sea of online content? Tara explains their intent to encapsulate the unique charm and antics of our feline buddies in this video. By employing performance art to mimic cats’ characteristic quirks, they hope to spread smiles while also promoting their brand.

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According to a Bloomberg study, our cat obsession fuels a whopping 15% of all internet traffic. With over 50 million Google searches every month since 2020 related to “cat,” it’s evident that cats have indeed taken over the digital realm.

Cat or Dog? South Africa Weighs In

Surprisingly, an examination of Google Trends over the past year reveals that South Africans share a nearly equal fascination with cats and dogs. Online searches for “cat video” narrowly surpassed “dog video” on YouTube by a meager 5%.

A regional breakdown of pet preference shows a close competition between #TeamCat and #TeamDog across various provinces. From Gauteng’s 55% cat lovers to the Western Cape’s 51% feline fanciers and even the Northern Cape’s 51% dog devotees, the race remains tight. Some provinces like Free State are evenly split, demonstrating an equal adoration for both furry companions.

Ultra Pet: Feeding Furry Friends and Fueling Laughter

No matter if you’re #TeamCat or #TeamDog, Ultra Pet is on a mission to offer premium nutrition for your beloved pets without causing financial strain. Go ahead and indulge in “The Cat One” and “My Best Friend” – a double feature bound to elicit laughter, smiles, and perhaps even a nudge to join the Ultra Pet family. Here’s to more joy, laughter, and pawsome moments!

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