Pet Shop Bath Turns Dog into Barbie: Viral Images

Pet Shop Bath Turns Dog into Barbie

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Dog Goes for a Bath at Pet Shop, Returns as Barbie: Viral Transformation Images


A routine visit to the pet shop for a bath turned into a surprise transformation on Tuesday (18th), leaving one dog owner pleasantly astonished. In honor of the upcoming Barbie movie launch on Thursday (20th), the pup returned home sporting a head-to-toe pink makeover, fit for a Barbie doll.

Pet Shop Bath Turns Dog into Barbie

The owner, identified as Cam on Twitter, took to social media to share the unexpected change. Her tweet showcasing the Barbie-inspired pup quickly caught the public’s attention, skyrocketing in popularity in no time. The tweet has, to date, raked in more than 1.7 million views and over 105,000 likes.

Pet Shop Bath Turns Dog into Barbie

“Took my dog for a bath and she came back AS BARBIE” tweeted the stunned dog owner.

The pet shop didn’t stop at dressing the canine in Barbie’s signature pink, they also gifted Cam with a Barbie-themed badge showcasing her dolled-up pooch. She later shared an image of the badge with her Twitter followers, expressing her overwhelming delight.

Pet Shop Bath Turns Dog into Barbie

“Just received this from the pet shop, crying so much” Cam added.

This heartwarming incident exemplifies the joy and surprise our furry friends can bring into our lives, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

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