Pepper, the Smiling and Sneezing Sheepadoodle Takes the Crown

the Smiling and Sneezing Sheepadoodle Takes the Crown

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Pet of the Week: Pepper, the Smiling and Sneezing Sheepadoodle Takes the Crown

Meet Our Happy Hero: Pepper the Sheepadoodle

This week, our hearts have been warmed by the adorable antics of our furry friends, from a pup’s hilarious reaction to donning shoes for the first time to a Pomeranian’s clever strategy for a “morning tea.” Among these delightful companions, one standout star has claimed the coveted title of Newsweek’s Pet of the Week.

The Winner: Pepper, the Smiling Sheepadoodle

A Bundle of Joy from Bellevue

Our Pet of the Week is none other than Pepper, a 3-year-old sheepadoodle residing in Bellevue, Iowa, with her proud owner, Cindy Broders. A delightful mix of sheepdog and poodle, Pepper’s winning trait is her sweet demeanor and captivating smile, which she generously shares when she’s happy.

Smiles and Sneezes: A Unique Combo

According to Broders, Pepper’s happiness is accompanied by a heartwarming sight—she smiles and sneezes simultaneously. In a charming video capturing Pepper’s trademark smile, Broders shares the joyous moments when Pepper interacts with her canine neighbors during their walks.

Finalists Showcasing Pet Excellence

Scooby Doo: The Playful Pal

Our first finalist, Scooby Doo, hails from Morganton, North Carolina, where he enjoys the pleasures of eating, playing, and being a devoted shadow to owner Marlene Jones. With a penchant for back scratches and a tail that wags to the tune of the famous cartoon theme, Scooby Doo is a canine delight.

Jesse and Amy: A Feline-Canine Friendship

Next in line are Jesse the cat and her loyal Labrador friend, Amy, owned by Jude Kondra. Adopted from a South Carolina kill shelter, Amy and Jesse became inseparable friends. Their heartwarming bond started when Kondra introduced Jesse to Amy after the loss of Wink, their previous feline friend.

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Doomy the Resilient Rescue

Our final star is the beloved rescue dog, Mr. Doom, affectionately known as Doomy. Adopted from a South Korean base shelter by Deborah Jaffe’s daughter during her Air Force deployment, Doomy’s journey from neglect to a loving home is truly inspiring. Despite his difficult past, Doomy radiates sweetness, happiness, and love.

Conclusion: Celebrating Tales of Joy and Resilience

In this week’s Pet of the Week showcase, Pepper steals the spotlight with her unique expressions of joy. Alongside the charming finalists—Scooby Doo, Jesse and Amy, and Doomy—we celebrate the heartwarming stories of pets who bring immense happiness and resilience to their owners’ lives.

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