Pet Skunk Escapes from Farm in Devon Village – Owner Appeals for Help

Pet Skunk Escapes from Farm

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Pet Skunk Escapes from Farm in Devon Village – Owner Appeals for Help


Barney the Skunk on the Loose After Relocation

In a quaint village in Devon, an adorable and friendly two-year-old skunk named Barney has captured the hearts of the locals, but there’s one problem – he’s on the loose! Barney’s owner, Michele Cooper, recently moved from a farm in Hertfordshire to Kentisbeare, approximately 200 miles away. Unfortunately, the relocation seems to have spooked Barney, leading him to make a daring escape from his enclosure last Sunday. Now, the caring owner is reaching out to the community for assistance in finding her beloved pet.

An Unconventional Collection of Animals

Michele Cooper is no ordinary farmer; her eclectic assortment of animals is truly fascinating. From peacocks and camels to meerkats and traditional farmyard favorites like horses and ducks, Michele’s farm is a captivating menagerie. Among this unique collection, Barney the skunk stands out with his distinctive shock of white fur.

A Frantic Search for Barney

Barney’s sudden escape has caused considerable concern for Michele and her family. The skunk is believed to have traveled approximately six miles away from the farm, and several residents in the area have reported sightings. With each passing night, Michele and her family venture out in hopes of reuniting with Barney, but their efforts have been in vain so far. The mysterious skunk has managed to evade them at every turn.

Pet Skunk Escapes from Farm

A Gentle Creature on the Loose

One might fear encountering a skunk in the wild due to their infamous spray – a scent likened to rotten eggs. However, Michele assures everyone that Barney has never sprayed or bitten anyone before. Instead, this two-year-old skunk is known for his friendly and non-threatening demeanor. Michele suggests that if anyone spots Barney, they approach him calmly and safely place him inside a cat cage or barn. She urges the community to reach out to her directly if they spot the elusive skunk.

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The Skunk’s Welfare Concerns

While Barney’s adventure has captured attention, it also highlights the challenges of keeping exotic animals as pets. The RSPCA discourages owning skunks as pets due to the difficulties in meeting their unique welfare needs. In the UK, it is illegal to remove their scent glands and release them into the wild. Exotic pets like skunks require specialized care that is often hard to provide in a typical household environment.

As the search for Barney continues, let’s come together as a community to help reunite this adorable skunk with his caring owner. If you spot Barney or have any information, please contact Michele at 07973 210608.



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