Red Dog Diner Makes a Remarkable Comeback

Red Dog Diner Makes a Remarkable Comeback

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Reviving the Quintessence of Albuquerque’s Culinary Scene: Red Dog Diner Makes a Remarkable Comeback


The Red Dog Diner: An Emblem of the Albuquerque Food Scene Reemerges

You might have written off a restaurant that remained closed for three long years on one of Albuquerque’s most vibrant commercial stretches. But proving naysayers wrong, the Red Dog Diner, one of the city’s most versatile casual eateries, triumphantly reopened its doors in June on Magazine Street.

Red Dog Diner: Marrying Comfort Food with Culinary Excellence

The Red Dog Diner strikes a nostalgic chord with its unchanged interior. But it’s the menu that truly stands out, expertly combining comfort food favorites with an expert chef’s touch to create elevated breakfast and lunch dishes.

Red Dog Diner Makes a Remarkable Comeback

A Menu that Excites and Delights

Think of classic breakfast items, hearty entree salads – the flank steak wedge salad is a must-try – deli sandwiches, pastas, pizzas (don’t miss the roasted beet, mushroom, and goat cheese pizza), and a few surprising dishes you’d expect in a more upscale establishment.

Highlighting a Signature Dish: Crusted Crab and Eggs Sardou

The crusted crab and eggs Sardou, for instance, features a puff pastry base cradling spinach au gratin, crowned and surrounded by sumptuous crabmeat interspersed with crunchy, buttery bread reminiscent of croutons.

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The Culinary Mastermind: Terri Savoie

Terri Savoie, who kick-started her culinary journey in Charleston, is the powerhouse behind the Red Dog’s enticing menu. She spent years perfecting her skills in various New Orleans eateries before launching a catering company. As she puts it, “The Red Dog is a part of me, it’s the food I’ve been doing all my life, it’s very personal to me.”

Red Dog Diner Makes a Remarkable Comeback

A Tale of Two Eateries: Red Dog Diner and Rum House

Savoie also presides over the kitchen at the adjacent Rum House, an eatery renowned for its tacos, tropical drinks, and bustling sidewalk tables. She co-owns both establishments with Michael Buchert. During the pandemic, the duo prioritized keeping Rum House operational while the Red Dog functioned as a commissary kitchen for their catering endeavors.

Phased Reopening: Reviving the Red Dog Diner Experience

For now, Red Dog Diner is serving breakfast and lunch from 8 a.m.-3 p.m., Thu.-Mon. The popular happy hour is set to return soon, with dinner services expected to resume in 2024.

Red Dog Diner Makes a Remarkable Comeback

A Charming Space for Casual Dining and Drinks

The Red Dog Diner is a gem with a small, rustic dining room adorned with brick and repurposed woodwork. An enclosed alley houses a larger bar beneath a glass ceiling, creating a unique outdoor space protected from the weather. The diner’s charm is accentuated by artworks featuring Rhodesian ridgebacks, the diner’s canine namesakes.

In Savoie’s words, reopening the diner feels like a long-awaited homecoming: “After that first day, I sat at the bar and said ‘it feels like I’m home again.’”

What sets the Red Dog Diner apart is its commitment to authenticity and love for comfort food. The diner doesn’t simply serve food, it tells stories with its dishes, each being an amalgamation of flavors that leave diners yearning for more.

The exquisite taste of the eggs Sardou, the fresh crunch of the Cobb salad, or the tangy delight of the seared salmon sliders; each dish is a testament to Savoie’s culinary expertise and her personal connection with the food.

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Red Dog Diner Makes a Remarkable Comeback

Piquing Interest with Starters

From pimento cheese and deviled eggs to crab and corn fritters or Tuscan white bean soup, the Red Dog Diner offers an array of starters that build anticipation for the main course. The highlight, a Reuben sandwich that has been touted as a reliable favorite, brims with a delightful combination of flavors.

The Joys of Reopening: Looking Forward to Happy Hours

One of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of the Red Dog’s reopening is the return of its happy hours. For regulars, it’s more than just an opportunity to enjoy discounted drinks – it’s the chance to relive the vibrant ambiance of a place that has long served as a hub of culinary creativity and social gathering.

An Ode to the Red Dog’s Canine Inspiration

Adding a personal touch to the decor, the main dining room showcases the artwork of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the dog breed that lent its name to the diner. This, along with the cozy, farmhouse-like atmosphere, contributes to the diner’s homely charm and inviting ambiance.

Coming Full Circle

For Savoie, the journey of closing and reopening the Red Dog Diner has been an emotional roller coaster. But seeing her cherished diner come back to life has made all the hardships worthwhile. As Savoie fondly mentions, “After that first day, I sat at the bar and said ‘it feels like I’m home again.’”

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