“Thermonator”: The Flame-Throwing Robot Dog Ready for Pre-Order

The Flame-Throwing Robot Dog Ready for Pre-Order

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“Thermonator”: The Flame-Throwing Robot Dog Ready for Pre-Order


Boston Dynamics has been making headlines with its four-legged robot, Spot, a creation that comes with one vital rule – it can’t be used to cause harm. However, a new mechanical hound is ready to challenge this peaceful paradigm. Enter the “Thermonator”, a flamethrower-mounted robodog from Throwflame.

Unleashing Fire: Meet the Thermonator

Throwflame, renowned for compact all-electric flamethrowers, is the genius behind the creation of the Thermonator. The catch? You won’t want to be within a 30-foot radius of this mechanical beast, especially when it’s armed with a flamethrower.

The Architecture: A Blend of High-tech and Firepower

The Thermonator, unlike Spot, is built on the Unitree Go1 quadruped robot platform, a smaller, lighter alternative that still boasts an array of cameras and sensors. This provides the robot dog with autonomous navigation capabilities when it’s not under wireless control.

The Flame-Throwing Robot Dog Ready for Pre-Order

The Firepower: A New Breed of Flamethrower

Perched on top of the Thermonator is Throwflame’s ARC Flamethrower. This fierce device utilizes a built-in fuel tank loaded with gasoline or a gasoline/diesel mixture to spew a 30-foot long stream of fire, lasting up to 45 minutes on its largest capacity battery.

The Heft: A Weighty Predator

The Thermonator isn’t a lightweight contender. Although the Unitree Go1 robot alone weighs around 26 pounds, with the added flamethrower upgrades, the Thermonator tips the scales closer to 60 pounds. This could limit its operation time before requiring a battery replacement.

Your Personal Thermonator: Pre-Order Details

For those brave (or perhaps crazy) enough to want their own Thermonator, Throwflame has opened a waitlist on their website. Potential buyers can join the waitlist and will be notified via email when the product becomes available.

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The Thermonator is expected to ship in the third quarter of 2023. The price remains under wraps, but for reference, the Unitree Go1 retails between $2,700 and $3,500, and the ARC Flamethrower is between $699 and $899. It might be wise to also factor in additional insurance costs before taking the plunge.

This article is based on a news report from Gizmodo.


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