Safi Dumping Ground Transformed into Vibrant Picnic Area and Dog Park

Safi Dumping Ground Transformed into Vibrant Picnic Area and Dog Park

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Safi Dumping Ground Transformed into Vibrant Picnic Area and Dog Park: A Collaborative Endeavor


Project Green, Ambjent Malta, and Safi Council Join Forces to Revitalize Unused Space

Introduction: Breathing New Life into Ta’ Ġawhar Area

In an inspiring display of community collaboration and environmental stewardship, a disused site in Safi’s Ta’ Ġawhar area has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Project Green and Ambjent Malta, in partnership with Safi Local Council, have joined forces to create a vibrant picnic area and dog park, breathing new life into the previously neglected space.

With the implementation of sustainable infrastructure and thoughtful design, this endeavor aims to provide an inviting recreational spot for both families and their furry companions.

Revitalizing the Space: A Plethora of Enhancements

The 1,000-square-meter area has been meticulously revitalized to cater to the diverse needs of the community. The project encompasses the installation of picnic tables and the addition of 30 new indigenous trees and 40 shrubs, carefully watered through a newly built reservoir.

The implementation of solar-powered lighting and security cameras ensures a safe and well-lit environment. Furthermore, new rubble walls and fencing have been constructed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

A Collaborative Inauguration: Uniting for a Common Cause

The inauguration of the Ta’ Ġawhar Dog Park and Picnic Area witnessed the presence of notable figures, including Environment Minister Miriam Dalli, Animal Rights Parliamentary Secretary Alicia Bugeja Said, Project Green CEO Steve Ellul, Safi Mayor Johan Mula, and local councilors from Safi. This unified gathering exemplified the power of collaboration and collective efforts to create meaningful change within the community.

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Addressing Community Needs: A Testament to Active Listening

Environment Minister Miriam Dalli highlighted the significance of the project, emphasizing that the area had unfortunately become a dumping ground in recent years. However, the transformation now caters to the desires of the local community.

Dalli commended Project Green for actively engaging with stakeholders to ensure that the newly created open spaces align with the aspirations and requirements of the residents. The addition of a dog park in the southern part of the island, coupled with the creation of a picnic area, promises to cater to the diverse recreational preferences of families in the vicinity.

Expanding the Vision: Encouraging Responsible Dog Ownership

Parliamentary Secretary Alicia Bugeja Said acknowledged the community’s feedback, which emphasized the need for accessible and safe dog parks that are available around the clock.

The success of this initiative will serve as a blueprint for the development of additional dog parks in the future, allowing more pet owners to enjoy quality time with their canine companions. By encouraging responsible dog ownership and promoting a harmonious coexistence between pets and their surroundings, the project aims to enrich the lives of both humans and animals alike.

Sustainability in Focus: Water Management and Conservation

Project Green CEO Steve Ellul emphasized the importance of water management and conservation efforts in the newly developed parks. Prioritizing the preservation and sustainable maintenance of the planted trees and vegetation, the project ensures their long-term viability.

By incorporating water harvesting techniques and considering the specific needs of the green spaces, the project seeks to foster a resilient and thriving environment.

An Expanding Portfolio: Demonstrating Commitment to Green Spaces

The Ta’ Ġawhar Dog Park and Picnic Area marks the eighth open space to be unveiled within the past six months, showcasing the government’s dedication to enhancing recreational areas across Malta.

Previous projects include the establishment of a picnic area at San Klement Park in Żabbar, the regeneration of the Ta’ Qali Dog Park, the creation of Bengħajsa Family Park in Birżebbuġa, the first Green Open Campus at Millbrae Grove in Mosta, the embellishment of the Petting Farm and Minden Grove at Ta’ Qali, the restoration of the historic St Philip Gardens in Floriana, and the upgrading of Ġnien iż-Żgħażagħ in Gudja.

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Despite some criticism, these initiatives demonstrate the government’s ongoing commitment to the development and preservation of green spaces throughout the country.

Conclusion: A Testament to Environmental Revitalization

The transformation of the Safi dumping ground into a vibrant picnic area and dog park stands as a remarkable achievement in environmental revitalization.

Through collaboration, active listening, and sustainable practices, Project Green, Ambjent Malta, and Safi Council have successfully rejuvenated a neglected space, providing the local community with an inviting recreational spot. This initiative serves as a testament to the power of collective efforts in fostering a greener, more vibrant future for Malta.

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