The Laziest Yet Loveliest: Simon the Cat Wins Pet of the Week

Simon the Cat Wins Pet of the Week

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The Laziest Yet Loveliest: Simon the Cat Wins Pet of the Week


Celebrating Remarkable Pets: The Weekly Pet Spotlight

In a week filled with heartwarming and extraordinary tales of pets, from peculiar New Year’s routines to dogs receiving unique attention from their owners, we’ve witnessed the magic of the human-animal bond.

Each week, we bring you stories that celebrate the remarkable connection between pets and their owners. If you have a beloved pet that you believe deserves the title of Pet of the Week, read on to find out how you can participate.

The Spotlight Shines on Simon

This week, our Pet of the Week is none other than the beloved cat, Simon, owned by Lauren Jones. Simon’s journey from a kitten to his current status as a cherished family member is one filled with unique twists and turns.

Simon’s story begins with his mother, Patches, who appeared as a stray cat during a challenging time in Lauren Jones’ life. “My 88-year-old dad had a heart attack, three weeks after my cat had her kittens,” Jones shared. “I stayed every night at the hospital with him. After 24 days in the hospital, and weekly ER visits for dad, the kittens were getting pretty big. I totally wanted to rehome all but one but was only able to find homes for two. So, I kept the other three.”

Simon’s Unique Personality

Among those kittens was Simon, who would go on to become the star of this heartwarming tale. Today, Simon has seamlessly integrated into the family, and his unique personality has earned him the title of “the laziest cat ever.”

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A Grateful Owner’s Perspective

Reflecting on her fateful decision to keep Simon, Jones shared, “He was not the one I intended to keep, but I am so grateful it turned out the way it did.”

Meet the Finalists

Apart from Simon, we have some delightful finalists in the running for Pet of the Week:

BJ: The Joyful Jack Russell

BJ, a 10-year-old Jack Russell, resides in Florida with his owner, Mary Maiocco. BJ’s life revolves around “play, run, chew dog bones, and be happy.” Despite the recent loss of his companion, Indy, BJ continues to bring joy to his owner’s life.

Mimi: The Car-Riding Cat

Mimi, a cat with a penchant for car rides, is the beloved companion of James Score from Georgia. She eagerly awaits her daily car adventure and loves to observe her surroundings, making her a neighborhood favorite.

Simon the Cat Wins Pet of the Week

July: The Charismatic Border Collie Mix

July, an 8-year-old border collie mix, found her forever home with Adriana Blake after initially working on a cattle ranch. Instead of herding cattle, July’s true calling turned out to be spreading love and chasing balls. She brings joy and laughter to Blake’s life, serving as her constant companion.

A Testament to the Unbreakable Bond

These heartwarming stories are a testament to the unbreakable bond between humans and their beloved pets. Whether it’s the laziest cat, a joyful Jack Russell, a car-loving feline, or a charismatic border collie mix, each story showcases the unique and cherished connections that bring joy to our lives.

To nominate your pet for Pet of the Week, follow the instructions at the end of this article. We celebrate the extraordinary bonds that make our pets an integral part of our families and our hearts.

For the original source and more pet stories, visit Newsweek.




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