Taking Flight: A New Chapter in Pet Travel

A New Chapter in Pet Travel

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Taking Flight: A New Chapter in Pet Travel


A Jet-Set Lifestyle for Cats and Dogs with Skye Pet Travel


In an exciting turn of events for jet-setting pet owners, a novel Australian pet travel company, Skye Pet Travel, now offers a unique chance for beloved pets to journey in the luxury of charter jet cabins.

In the comfort of these cabins, pets no longer need to be stowed away with luggage in the cargo hold.


Unleashing a Luxury Pet-Travel Revolution

Every year, an impressive 20,000 pets, predominantly dogs and cats, make their voyage in and out of Australia, usually accompanying their owners relocating for work, family, or returning home from overseas.

In a standard scenario, these pets are destined for a journey in a crate, often piled up with heaps of luggage in the aircraft’s cargo hold.

Now, however, Skye Pet Travel, an innovative Australian-based international pet travel company, is bucking this trend by offering pet owners an opportunity to let their pets travel by their side in the comfortable cabin of a charter jet.

For those making extended trips, the transition from traditional travel methods to a more luxurious flight experience often includes arrangements at pet friendly weekly hotels, ensuring both owner and pet a pleasant stay.

These options are growing in popularity and resonate with travelers looking for a seamless experience that caters to every family member’s needs, including their furry friends.


Feathered and Furred Jet-Setters in the Skies

The company successfully ran its inaugural flights between the UK and Australia on a Gulfstream jet earlier this month.

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The tickets cost between $15,000 (for an unaccompanied pet) to $40,000 (for a person traveling with a pet), indicating that such a premium service comes at a price.

A New Chapter in Pet Travel

Joanna Maddison, the visionary founder of Skye Pet Travel, expressed her desire to make this service accessible to a wider audience. Her goal is to provide affordable fares by utilizing larger planes capable of accommodating more passengers, including pets and humans alike.

The maiden flights impressively carried a total of 19 human passengers, one cat, and 23 dogs. All animals were securely restrained during take-off and landing, and a dedicated toileting area was prepared at the back of the plane. “It couldn’t have gone any better,” said Maddison, stressing how calmly the pets behaved, even during take-off.

Pet Travelers Weighing in

One of the passengers, Penny Forshaw, shared her sentiment on choosing this unique pet travel option. Forshaw was traveling from Melbourne to London with her dog Indy and cat Ruby.

For her, the hefty $40,000 price tag for the London leg on Skye Pet Travel was worthwhile, as it allowed her to move with her cherished pets to her new dream job location.


Embracing the Pet-Friendly Air Travel Trend

After experiencing her own dilemma of having to send her three beloved huskies in cargo, Joanna Maddison founded Skye Pet Travel.

She wanted to establish a service allowing customers to share the cabin space with their pets, breaking free from the restrictive norms of most airlines operating in and out of Australia.

Despite pet air travel being an expensive business with charges spanning from $5,000 to $20,000, the potential for pet-friendly cabins in air travel is growing.

Skye Pet Travel, as well as UK-based K9Jets, are stepping up to meet the rising demand from pet owners who yearn to share their cabin space with their pets.

The launch of this service has taken Maddison’s venture to great heights, despite a series of challenges, including dealing with Australia’s stringent biosecurity and quarantine regulations. She now eyes an expansion, dreaming of deploying a fully outfitted aircraft dedicated to providing a bespoke, affordable pet-travel service.

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Story Source: https://www.abc.net.au


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