Border Collie Pup Steve: A Hilarious Tale of Canine Identity Crisis

Tale of Canine Identity Crisis

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Border Collie Pup Steve: A Hilarious Tale of Canine Identity Crisis


Unveiling the Viral TikTok Video of a Pup Who Thinks He’s Human

In the evolving landscape of pet companionship, dogs are no longer just furry friends; they’re becoming integral members of the family, participating in holiday festivities and claiming their spot at the family table. The latest sensation in the canine world is a TikTok video featuring a 4-month-old border collie puppy named Steve, who seems to believe he’s human more and more with each passing day.

Steve’s Kitchen Table Adventure: A Pawsitively Adorable Affair

In a delightful video posted by @sausagesoxandsteve, young Steve is captured sitting at the head of the kitchen table, his eyes gleaming with excitement. Positioned like a seasoned family member awaiting breakfast, Steve’s perked-up ears and engaged eye contact create a scene that is both heartwarming and hilarious. The accompanying text reads: “Steve thinks he’s human more and more every day. He could smell the bacon and thought he’d try his luck.”

Dining Etiquette: Steve Blends In with the Best

Steve seamlessly integrates into the family dynamics, patiently waiting for a share of the meal without making a fuss. In the video, one family member can be seen pointing and laughing at Steve’s endearing attempt to join the breakfast table, garnering over 35,000 views by Friday afternoon.

TikTok users flooded the comments section with affectionate remarks. One user noted, “So polite about it though. Just here waiting for my plate. Don’t mind me.” Another commented, “Aww beautiful Steve! I hope he got at least a wee sausage! His table manners are perfect.”

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The Owner’s Perspective: Spoiling Steve and Setting Boundaries

The owner, speaking to Newsweek via TikTok, shared that despite Steve’s impeccable behavior, no bacon was shared with the pup to avoid instilling undesirable habits. The owner confessed, “I do spoil him more than I should because he is just so well-behaved and unbelievably cute.”

However, it is essential to remember the advice against feeding table scraps to dogs. Maintaining their health should be a priority, and resisting those irresistible begging faces is crucial.

Begging Behavior: A Canine Quirk and Owner’s Dilemma

While begging is a natural behavior for dogs, it can become a persistent issue if not managed properly. WebMD suggests owners redirecting their pups during meals, either by placing them in another room or using a dog crate. Training them to go to their spot or redirecting their attention can also be effective strategies.

Source: Newsweek


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