Bulldog Drama: When Sunny, the French Bulldog, Demands a Share of the Feast

French Bulldog

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Bulldog Drama: When Sunny, the French Bulldog, Demands a Share of the Feast


Unveiling the Theatrics of a Dramatic Food Request

In a charming yet dramatic scene captured on camera, Sunny, an 8-year-old French Bulldog, displayed an unexpected talent for communication – a flair for the dramatic, if you will. His owner, Ortzy Arbinaga, residing in Amsterdam with his wife, shared the entertaining story of Sunny’s newfound vocal abilities.

The Evolution of Sunny’s Verbal Skills

  • From Silence to Speech: According to Arbinaga, Sunny wasn’t always a talkative pup. The breakthrough happened two years ago, but it was only in the last May that Sunny truly found his voice. Arbinaga reminisces about the first time Sunny spoke, triggered by the anticipation of being left behind during a bike ride.
  • Situational Serenades: Sunny’s vocalizations are situational, with his chatter escalating based on his mood and ongoing activities. His chattiness peaks during preparations to go out, relaxing in his stroller after a walk, and when embarking on car rides.

Sunny’s Love Language: Food and the “Puppy Face”

  • Dramatic Dining Demands: A TikTok clip under the handle sunny_emilio showcases Sunny’s flair for the dramatic, especially when his human companions indulge in a meal. The video captures Sunny moaning, growling, and even barking, all aimed at conveying one clear message – he wants a bite of that delicious human food.
  • Puppy Face Tactics: Arbinaga reveals that whenever food is involved, Sunny deploys his secret weapon – the “puppy face.” This endearing tactic is an attempt to win sympathy and secure a share of the culinary delights. Despite the theatrics, Arbinaga emphasizes their commitment to maintaining a healthy diet for Sunny.
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Insights from Canine Research: Love Over Food

While it might seem that dogs would prioritize a bite of food over anything else, research suggests otherwise. A 2016 study, documented in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, involved 13 dogs to investigate their preferences among food, verbal praise, and neutral objects.

  • Love Trumps Food: The results indicated that dogs exhibited more significant neural activation towards rewards of either food or praise compared to neutral stimuli. The study reinforced the importance of the love and affection an owner provides in a dog’s thought process, challenging the assumption that food reigns supreme.

Sunny’s Life of Luxury

  • Favorite Pastimes: Arbinaga shares the delightful activities that contribute to Sunny’s joyful life. From leisurely walks with his human dad to playing with toys, soaking in the sun on the terrace, beach outings, and, of course, relishing any food offered, Sunny’s days are filled with love and enjoyment.
  • Theatrical Foodie: Despite Sunny’s theatrical tendencies when it comes to food, it’s evident that he’s living the good life with the care and affection showered upon him by Arbinaga and his wife.

In this heartwarming tale of a bulldog’s dramatic demands, Sunny’s unique personality shines through. The combination of theatricality, love, and a touch of puppy charm makes Sunny’s story not just a viral sensation but a testament to the deep connection between pets and their devoted owners.

For the original source and video, check out the article on Newsweek: Bulldog Demands Bite of Owner’s Food in Most ‘Dramatic’ Way Possible.


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