The Canine Conundrum: “Soft Parenting Doesn’t Work”

The Canine Conundrum

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The Canine Conundrum: “Soft Parenting Doesn’t Work”


Why Dogs Rule the Roost and the Treats Bag

In the heartwarming and relatable saga of pet parenthood, a determined French Bulldog owner shares her battle of wits with a canine companion named Nipsey. Her tale of surrendering “soft parenting” and embracing the power of treats strikes a chord with dog owners everywhere.

The Canine Rebellion

Nipsey, the French Bulldog extraordinaire, has made it clear who calls the shots in this household. Instead of cajoling and coaxing gently, this clever canine demands only one form of currency—treats. And, on the rare occasion, a vocal scolding because, let’s face it, Nipsey’s house rules are non-negotiable.

In a video posted on October 20, 2023, via TikTok’s @beingbionca, the world got a peek into the truth we’ve all suspected: dogs, at times, outsmart their human companions. With over 3.4 million views and 434,000 likes, Nipsey’s antics resonate across the dog-loving world.

The Sovereign Nipsey

Nipsey, the French Bulldog, parades around the yard with an air of sovereignty. It’s as if he’s blissfully unaware of the schedule his owner must keep. The frustration in his owner’s voice is palpable. Nipsey only heeds her call when the ultimatum is clear: treats or a stern chase.

In a recent video, Nipsey’s mom resorts to the only language this Frenchie understands—treats. The caption reads, “You gotta have something he wants, and you gotta be quick about it.” It’s a testament to the irresistibility of treats.

The Dogged Determination of a French Bulldog

Nipsey sometimes takes a firm stand right outside the door. It’s clear; only the promise of a treat will coax him back inside. The power dynamic in this relationship is evident, and Nipsey reigns supreme.

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TikTok users worldwide are having a good laugh at Nipsey’s personality, though they’re all too familiar with the exasperation of dogs seemingly having a mind of their own.

Cracking the French Bulldog Code

One viewer humorously notes, “Frenchies got the biggest ears, and for what? They never listen.” Another astute observer adds, “He has you trained sis.” It’s a tale known to French Bulldog owners worldwide—these independent dogs have a penchant for selective listening.

According to pet research group Paws Geek, French Bulldogs are renowned for their stubborn independence, making them a tad more challenging to train than other breeds. Positive reinforcement, often through treats, becomes the key to unlocking their obedience.

The “Doggone” Mystery: Why Dogs Ignore Us

The video not only brings a smile to our faces but also raises a common query—why do dogs seem to tune us out at times? The American Kennel Club has some insights. It’s not just our dogs; there are a few reasons why our four-legged friends may not heed our calls, and some of these reasons echo the behavior of toddlers.

For instance, dogs may not respond if they associate coming over with a previous unpleasant experience. They might think the fun is about to end, or the reward may not be tempting enough. It’s a scenario that often resembles dealing with a toddler.

Training Our Furry Friends

The key to teaching dogs to come when called is to start in the least distracting environment possible. Whether it’s a quiet room at home or a tranquil backyard, initiating training in a low-distraction setting sets the foundation. Teaching them the “come” command is essential. Gradually, as they become more responsive, you can shift to more distracting environments. Success is achieved when your dog listens even amidst the most enticing distractions.

Share Your Pet’s Charm

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