Bride and Pet Dachshund Ambushed in Dog Park Pre-Wedding

Bride and Pet Dachshund Ambushed in Dog Park Pre-Wedding

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Unprovoked Attack on Bride and Pet Dachshund Sparks Concern Weeks Before Wedding


A Pre-Wedding Outing Turns into Nightmare

An unsuspecting day at the park turned into a traumatic experience for a soon-to-be-married Gold Coast couple and their pet dachshund, as they fell victim to an unexpected, vicious dog attack.

The Unfortunate Incident

Isabella Payne, a bodybuilder, and her mini dachshund, Lola, were enjoying a day at an off-leash park in Gold Coast when a hostile bull terrier launched an unprovoked attack on them. Payne and her three-year-old pet Lola were with her fiancé, Jacob Thirkettle, when the sudden onslaught unfolded.

Bride and Pet Dachshund Ambushed in Dog Park Pre-Wedding

Graphic Aftermath of the Attack

Both the bride-to-be and her beloved pet were left with severe injuries after the aggressive encounter. Payne suffered a series of bruises, scratches, and punctures caused by the dog bite, whereas Lola’s injuries were potentially fatal, warranting immediate veterinary attention.

This unfortunate incident unfolded a mere seven weeks before Payne and Thirkettle were set to exchange vows.

Community Support & Recovery

In the wake of the attack, the community rallied behind the couple. Thirkettle expressed his gratitude on a GoFundMe page created to help cover Lola’s medical expenses. Lola’s surgery was successful, but the path to full recovery remains long and uncertain.

Bride and Pet Dachshund Ambushed in Dog Park Pre-Wedding

Australians nationwide were deeply touched by the couple’s predicament, contributing more than the targeted $2,000 for Lola’s treatment. The generous support exceeded the goal by $520.

The Healing Process and Thanks

Following the ordeal, the couple has expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming support. The pair is extremely grateful for the kindness and empathy shown by the community.

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Their other dachshund has been a comforting presence, never leaving Lola’s side throughout the recovery process, according to a video Payne posted on Instagram.

Bride and Pet Dachshund Ambushed in Dog Park Pre-Wedding

In the Wake of the Attack

This tragic incident sheds light on the potential risks at dog parks and reiterates the need for effective legislation on dangerous breeds to ensure the safety of both pets and owners.

In light of such incidents, Queensland is set to introduce new laws to penalize owners of dangerous dog breeds, according to Sky News host James Macpherson.

Read more about the incident here.

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