Navigating Life’s Tasks with Finn: The Endearing Challenges of a Golden Retriever

The Endearing Challenges of a Golden Retriever

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Navigating Life’s Tasks with Finn: The Endearing Challenges of a Golden Retriever


In the vibrant household of Lucy Marguglio in Orlando, Florida, the joyous presence of two golden retrievers, Xena and Finn, ensures there’s never a dull moment. However, as any dog owner knows, the delightful chaos that comes with our furry companions can present unexpected challenges, especially when one of them is as exuberantly involved as Finn.

Finn the Helper: A Needy Golden Retriever’s Interference

Marguglio, sharing snippets of her daily life on TikTok (@goldengirl_xena), showcased the charismatic antics of Finn, a four-year-old golden retriever, in a humorous video titled “Trying To Do Anything With A Clingy Golden Retriever.” The video hilariously captured Finn’s constant interference, whether Marguglio was putting on shoes, building furniture, or simply scrolling through her phone.

While Finn’s exuberance may make daily tasks “challenging,” Marguglio embraces the chaos, expressing gratitude for the playful touch Finn adds to every aspect of their lives. The TikTok video, depicting the struggles of dealing with a particularly needy golden retriever, resonated with dog owners worldwide, amassing over 113,500 views and 11,500 likes at the time of writing.

Life with Finn: A Joyful Challenge

Marguglio acknowledges that life with a clingy pup like Finn is a blend of enjoyment and constant engagement. Finn’s unwavering desire to be part of every moment brings joy to the Marguglio household, and his antics serve as a perpetual source of laughter and smiles.

In her own words, Marguglio shares, “We adore his personality and take pleasure in his constant companionship. His overflowing love and desire to be a part of every little thing that we do brings us immense joy. His antics keep us laughing and smiling.”

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Golden Retrievers: Eager-to-Please Companions

Finn’s clingy behavior is not unusual for a golden retriever, a breed known for its eagerness to please and maintaining puppy-like behavior into adulthood. The American Kennel Club (AKC) suggests that to ensure mental stimulation for golden retrievers, daily exercises such as walks, runs, or energetic games of fetch are essential.

While the breed’s constant need for attention may pose challenges, the AKC highlights that the golden retriever’s desire to please their owners makes them an absolute delight.

Managing Finn’s Involvement: Distractions and Delight

Despite Finn’s helpful intentions, there are moments when Marguglio prefers him not to get involved. In such instances, she employs a clever strategy, offering Finn a new toy, a chew bone, or even an interactive puzzle to keep him occupied and content.

Community of Canine Companions: Sharing the Joy of Clingy Pups

Since sharing Finn’s endearing interruptions, Marguglio has been delighted by the positive response and shared experiences from fellow dog owners. The TikTok community rallied around the relatable challenges of having “no solo moments” with their clingy canine companions.

“We have had a lot of people telling us that they can relate to our video with Finn. We have heard so many stories of other clingy pups. Things like this really bring the dog community together even more,” Marguglio expressed.

Finn’s Fan Club: Praises for a Willing Helper

With over 130 comments on the viral TikTok post, Finn has garnered praise for his unwavering commitment to helping his owners with every task. Comments such as “I want these problems” and “That’s what makes them FABULOUS!” reflect the collective sentiment of dog enthusiasts who appreciate the unique challenges and joys that come with having a loyal and involved furry friend.

In the midst of chaos, Finn remains a cherished member of the Marguglio family, a testament to the joys and rewards of having a dog that loves to be a constant companion. Marguglio concludes, “We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Finn in our lives.

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