Horrific Discovery in Missouri: 55 Starving Dogs Rescued, 15 Found Dead – Arrests Made

55 Starving Dogs Rescued

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Horrific Discovery in Missouri: 55 Starving Dogs Rescued, 15 Found Dead – Arrests Made


Uncovering a Disturbing Scene

In a shocking turn of events, the Stone County Sheriff’s Office revealed a distressing case of animal abuse and neglect in Galena, Missouri. Two individuals, John Griffiths, 34, and Jessica Jean Johnson, 30, now face a staggering 28 counts of animal abuse each, as authorities intervened to rescue 55 “starving and freezing” dogs and puppies from a dire situation.

The Emergency Call

Concerned residents tipped off the sheriff’s office on January 19, reporting a residence on Camp Clark Hill Road where dogs were subjected to neglect. Upon arriving at the scene, deputies discovered a heart-wrenching sight – approximately 55 dogs in pens, tied to trees, or shelters, most without access to food or water. Even more alarming, the remains of 15 deceased canines were found, some still chained next to trees or within a burn pile.

A Multitude of Charges

Griffiths and Johnson now face the legal repercussions of their alleged actions, with both individuals arrested and in custody. The charges include 28 counts of animal abuse for each, a stark reminder of the severity of the situation.

Humane Society Steps In

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Stone County Sheriff’s Office reached out to the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO), located over 250 miles away in St. Louis. The HSMO’s Animal Cruelty Task Force swiftly responded, rescuing the distressed dogs and providing immediate care on-site before transporting them back to St. Louis.

Tragic Discoveries on the Property

Beyond the canine victims, the HSMO’s task force uncovered additional tragedies on the Stone County property, including the remains of five goats, a cat, and two birds. Unfortunately, it remains unclear whether these animals succumbed to starvation or freezing temperatures.

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Legal Proceedings Unfold

While Johnson was arrested by the Greene County Fugitive Task Force in connection with the case and is currently held on a $10,000 bond, Griffiths had been taken into custody at the scene and subsequently released on bond.

Hope for the Survivors

The surviving dogs and puppies, now under the care of HSMO, are on their path to recovery. Shelter staff reassured concerned supporters on Facebook, stating that the rescued animals are “safe and warm,” with “brighter times ahead for these sweet faces.”

Urgent Plea for Support

The Humane Society of Missouri, already grappling with recent rescues, issued a plea for support. Just ten days prior, they rescued 97 Labrador Retrievers from an unlicensed breeder in Phelps County. The shelter urged the public to adopt, emphasizing that adoption opens up space for other animals in need.

Making a Difference

In their final message, HSMO encouraged people to share the word, stressing that every adoption or share contributes to the welfare of these animals and paves the way for a brighter future.

Source: Newsweek


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