Tombi the Cat: The Furry Mascot of a Turkish Third-Grade Classroom

The Furry Mascot of a Turkish Third-Grade Classroom

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Tombi the Cat: The Furry Mascot of a Turkish Third-Grade Classroom


How a Roaming Cat Became the Heart of an Elementary School

We’ve all heard charming anecdotes of cats sauntering into homes, endearing themselves to the occupants, and becoming part of the family. Tombi, an orange tabby cat from Izmir, Turkey, offers a unique twist on this narrative.

This clever feline found his home not within the comforting confines of a residential building, but amidst the desks and chalkboards of a third-grade classroom. This endearing tale of Tombi and his academic adventures showcases how pets can enrich our lives in unexpected ways.

The Furry Mascot of a Turkish Third-Grade Classroom

The Classroom Mascot that Boosted Student Morale

Initially a stray roaming the school grounds, Tombi was a familiar sight for the students of this Izmir-based elementary school. His friendly demeanor and occasional requests for petting endeared him to the school community.

One day, he ventured into a third-grade classroom, and what was expected to be a temporary visit soon became a permanent arrangement. This heartwarming scenario, with Tombi as the classroom’s furry mascot, delighted the students and even fostered an improved academic environment.

The Furry Mascot of a Turkish Third-Grade Classroom

Contrary to concerns about potential distractions, Tombi’s presence had a positive impact on the students. According to their teacher, Özlem Pınar Ivaşcu, “The children come on time to school, and they are taking care of Tombi. This is good for them.” The students’ interaction with Tombi fostered responsibility, punctuality, and empathy—vital life skills that extend beyond academic instruction.

The Bond Between Tombi and the Students

Tombi’s bond with the students was palpable and mutual. Photos taken by Ivaşcu reveal Tombi comfortably perched on students’ desks during work sessions, almost appearing as an assistant teacher.

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The Furry Mascot of a Turkish Third-Grade Classroom

Despite a minor hiccup when Tombi was temporarily moved due to a health concern raised by a student’s parent, he was eventually welcomed back into his classroom home after the students sent him letters and drawings expressing their love and missing him.

From Classroom Pet to Children’s Book Protagonist

Tombi’s extraordinary journey inspired Ivaşcu to immortalize him in children’s literature. Her book, Tombi Sanliurfada, published in 2018, brought Tombi’s story to a broader audience, enabling children around the world to fall in love with this remarkable classroom cat. Now a children’s author, Ivaşcu continues to share Tombi’s adventures, both in her books and on her Instagram account.

The Furry Mascot of a Turkish Third-Grade Classroom

Tombi’s story is a powerful testament to the bond between humans and animals, emphasizing how these connections can enrich not only our personal lives but also educational spaces, thereby making learning more engaging and compassionate.


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The original story was reported by Regina Sienra on My Modern Met.


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