Cat Separated in 2017 Sonoma County Wildfire Returns Home After Six Years

Cat Separated in 2017 Sonoma County Wildfire Returns Home After Six Years

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Miraculous Reunion: Cat Separated in 2017 Sonoma County Wildfire Returns Home After Six Years


The Incredible Journey of Ozzie the Cat

In a miraculous turn of events, Ozzie, a cat that vanished in the midst of the devastating Sonoma County wildfires in 2017, has finally returned home, six years after his separation from his family. Despite being presumed gone for good, Ozzie has proven his resilience and adaptability, having survived half a decade on the streets.

The Unbelievable Survival of a House Cat

Ozzie, a brown tabby, was not built for the harsh realities of street life. Patricia Duane, Ozzie’s owner, explained how her cat was accustomed to the cozy comforts of home, having been raised indoors since he was a kitten.

This meant that hunting for food was never part of Ozzie’s life. A severe gum disease had led to the extraction of most of his teeth, making the prospect of hunting even more daunting.

Yet, despite these challenges, Ozzie survived a staggering six years, receiving help from at least three unknown Samaritans who fed him throughout his perilous journey in east Santa Rosa. His adventure concluded this week when a neighbor brought him to Forgotten Felines, a local organization committed to the rescue and protection of cats, where his microchip was scanned and Patricia was located.

A Journey Home Begins

Patricia, who had rescued Ozzie as a kitten in 2013, found it hard to believe the news. She shared her astonishment, “It’s unbelievable. He’s been through a second fire. He’s been through rains, freezing cold, and any number of elements out there. And he’s pretty damn good, and I think he knows he’s home.”

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Patricia and her husband, Michael, were forced to evacuate their 30-year-long home during the chaos of the Nuns Fire in October 2017. Despite their best efforts to gather all their pets, Ozzie was nowhere to be found. Presuming he was hiding somewhere safe, they had to leave him behind in the urgency of the situation, hoping to find him when they could return.

Cat Separated in 2017 Sonoma County Wildfire Returns Home After Six Years

Fateful Separation and Unending Search

When the Duanes finally returned to their evacuated location, Ozzie was missing. His absence was a puzzle amid the turmoil of the wildfires that had spread everywhere, resulting in frenzied evacuations. Patricia Duane spent the subsequent weeks and months tirelessly searching the neighborhood for Ozzie, but as time passed, she had to face the heartbreaking conclusion that he might not have survived.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Unbeknownst to Patricia, Ozzie had managed to stay in the neighborhood, surviving with the help of kind strangers who were feeding him. One of these individuals noticed Ozzie’s unusually affectionate behavior towards humans and brought him to Forgotten Felines. There, his microchip was scanned and traced back to Patricia.

Initially skeptical about the news, Patricia could barely contain her excitement once it was confirmed that it indeed was her long-lost pet. Reunited at last, Ozzie’s homecoming was filled with purring and affectionate gestures, as he began to readjust to the comforts of his former domestic life.

The Importance of Microchipping Pets

Pip Marquez de la Plata, the Executive Director of Forgotten Felines, emphasizes the effectiveness of microchipping pets. He encourages anyone feeding a stray to ensure they get scanned for a microchip, making miraculous reunions like Patricia and Ozzie’s possible.

This touching story underlines the resilience of our beloved pets and the crucial role microchips can play in reconnecting lost animals with their families.

It serves as a reminder for all pet owners to ensure their animals are microchipped and registered correctly

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The original story was reported by Mary Callahan on The Press Democrat.



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