The Betrayed Dachshund: A Chilling Winter Vacation Tale

The Betrayed Dachshund

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The Betrayed Dachshund: A Chilling Winter Vacation Tale


Plenty of dog owners love to bring their furry companions on vacation, and for most dogs, it’s an exciting adventure. However, in a heartwarming yet slightly humorous tale, we introduce you to Darcy, a 13-year-old dachshund who recently embarked on a special winter break with her family to their cabin.

What should have been a delightful trip turned into a story of canine betrayal as Darcy found herself in a chilly situation that left her feeling far from thrilled. In this article, we’ll explore Darcy’s “betrayal” and offer insights into keeping your four-legged friends warm during the winter.

A Dog’s Winter Retreat Gone Cold

Darcy, a 13-year-old dachshund, had the opportunity to join her family on a winter vacation to their cabin. However, this adventure didn’t align with her expectations. In her eyes, it was anything but special – it was downright frigid. As the temperatures dropped, Darcy didn’t hesitate to make her feelings known, giving her owners a cold, resentful stare that spoke volumes.

A Reddit post shared on the subreddit r/aww captured Darcy’s disgruntled expression, with a caption that echoed her sentiments: “…She couldn’t believe our audacity in bringing her to the family cabin in the mountains when it was so much colder there.”

However, don’t let those hurt eyes deceive you. Darcy’s owner, known as @smugmisswoodhouse on Reddit, revealed that they had made multiple attempts to keep Darcy warm. They tried jackets and sweaters, but Darcy’s determination to stay cold-proof prevailed as she managed to wiggle out of them.

Chilling by the Fire

To add a touch of irony to the situation, a picture was posted of Darcy sitting right next to the cabin’s fireplace. Despite the cozy fire’s warmth, it seemed that even the flames couldn’t thaw Darcy’s discontent.

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The owner shared that Darcy spent most of the trip tucked under blankets or on someone’s lap. Upon their arrival at the cabin, the heating hadn’t been turned on yet. Given their mountainous location, the temperature at the cabin was a bone-chilling 20 to 30 degrees colder than back home, according to the owner’s estimate.

“I don’t think she was used to being in a house that was so chilly,” the owner remarked, shedding light on Darcy’s chilly cabin experience.

Lessons in Keeping Dogs Warm

While Darcy’s chilly retreat was an unexpected twist, it raises important considerations for pet owners during the winter months. Dogs vary in their tolerance to cold, depending on breed and size. While some dogs, like those with double coats, can handle frigid temperatures, others, such as Chihuahuas, are more sensitive due to their thin fur.

Even though a dog’s fur provides some protection from the cold, it may not suffice for extended exposure. Parts like ears and tails, with less furry coverage, are susceptible to frostbite.

To keep your furry friend toasty during winter, consider these tips:

  • Invest in a warm dog bed, some of which can adjust their temperature based on body heat.
  • Opt for sweaters and booties when taking your dog outside, especially if they have a short coat.
  • After outdoor adventures, wrap your pup in a cozy blanket to help them regain warmth.


Darcy’s cold vacation tale serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping our beloved pets warm during winter adventures. While dogs may have a furry coat, it’s our responsibility to ensure they’re comfortable and safe in colder climates. As winter approaches, take heed of Darcy’s story and make sure your four-legged companions are snug and content, even when the temperatures drop.

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