Toledo Zoo Unveils Names for Rare Twin Siberian Tigers

Toledo Zoo Unveils Names for Rare Twin Siberian Tigers

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Toledo Zoo Unveils Names for Rare Twin Siberian Tigers


In a much-anticipated announcement, the Toledo Zoo has officially christened its “incredibly rare” twin Siberian tigers, born on July 20, with names that perfectly encapsulate their personalities.

After a spirited naming contest, which garnered over 10,000 votes, the cubs have been christened Ember and Ash. Ember signifies “Spark,” while Ash represents “Dream.”

Savannah Guthrie shared this exciting news on TODAY, October 6, with the zookeepers noting that these monikers align harmoniously with the cubs’ unique traits.

Distinct Personalities

The first cub, Ember, embodies a fiery spirit, always seeking playtime and enthusiastically pestering her mother and sister. Meanwhile, Ash, the second cub, reigns as the “queen of catnaps,” displaying shyness but surprising force when awakened. Both cubs share a natural curiosity and relish exploring new enrichment items.

Among the other names considered were Calida, which garnered 1,186 votes, and Nadya, with 1,712 votes. Nevertheless, Ember and Ash emerged as the resounding favorites.

A Rare Occurrence

This joyous announcement follows the revelation, made exclusively on TODAY by Michael Frushour, the zoo’s curator of mammals, that the twin cubs are both female. The birth of twin Siberian tigers is already an exceedingly uncommon event.

Frushour emphasized the rarity of their birth, noting that there are merely 5,000 tigers in the wild, with fewer than 500 belonging to this specific subspecies. Having twin cubs, especially both being females, is a cause for celebration.

The curator assured that both the cubs and their mother, Talya, are thriving and will soon be available for the public to admire in an exhibit.

A Heartwarming Post

The Toledo Zoo initially shared the exciting news of the cubs’ birth on their Facebook page on September 21. The post featured an endearing video of the newborns alongside their mother, Talya.

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The zoo expressed its delight in the announcement, emphasizing the significance of these births: “Hold onto your stripes!!! We’ve got paw-sitively exciting news. On July 20, we welcomed twin Amur tigers!” These cubs are the offspring of Talya and Titan, who also welcomed twins in 2021.

At their latest examination, the cubs weighed an impressive 15 and 16 pounds, and Talya and her playful offspring are all thriving off-exhibit.

Keeper-Approved Names

Notably, the names Ember and Ash, along with the other naming options, were handpicked by the dedicated keeper staff responsible for the care of these magnificent creatures. Their choice reflects the deep connection and affection they hold for these rare twin Siberian tigers.

Source: TODAY


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