A Dog’s ‘Very Distinguished’ Car Ride: Sitting Like a Human

A Dog's 'Very Distinguished' Car Ride

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A Dog’s ‘Very Distinguished’ Car Ride: Sitting Like a Human


We often bring our beloved dogs along for car rides, but every once in a while, a canine companion takes on a seating position that leaves the internet in stitches. In this charming tale, a black Belgian Malinois takes the passenger seat, sitting like a true “human” with her bottom comfortably on the seat and paws gracefully resting on her owner’s arm. This delightful moment, captured in a viral TikTok video shared on @sinning_sinjin, has garnered over 617,000 views and more than 41,000 likes since it was posted on September 13.

Understanding Canine Car Safety

As we chuckle at this endearing dog’s distinguished seating position, it’s essential to remember the importance of safety when traveling with our four-legged friends. Joe Nutkins, a U.K.-based dog trainer with 17 years of experience, sheds light on safe car travel with dogs.

She emphasizes that safety measures for dogs during car journeys have significantly evolved in the last decade. These measures include the use of dog seatbelts that attach to the regular seatbelt and then secure to the dog’s collar or harness. This ensures that the dog remains in place on the seat and is protected from being jolted forward in sudden stops.

“Dog seatbelts can also be part of a harness with a seatbelt connector designed to plug into the car’s seatbelt,” Nutkins adds.

Options for Safe Travel

Owners have various options to choose from to ensure their pets’ safety during car rides. These include travel boxes, booster seats, and car guards. Nutkins explains that dog crates can be fitted into your vehicle and come in removable or fully fitted varieties. Crates offer a secure option as they prevent dogs from moving around and minimize the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

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Car guards, on the other hand, create a barrier between the rear and front seats, preventing dogs from jumping through to the front and ensuring the driver’s focus remains on the road.

Booster seats and travel boxes are ideal for smaller dogs, helping them stay securely in the front or rear seat during travel. These accessories minimize movement and ensure a comfortable journey for the canine companion.

The heartwarming video of the Belgian Malinois sitting like a human in the car has garnered over 100 comments, with many finding the dog’s “dangling paws” irresistibly cute. Comments referred to her as “very distinguished” and a “passenger princess.” Some viewers also expressed concern, suggesting that a booster seat may be necessary due to her size and age.

We reached out to @sinning_sinjin for further insights on this delightful canine car adventure via TikTok, though the details of the case could not be independently verified.

Source: Newsweek



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