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Top Five Chicken Breeds For Meat Production

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People raise chickens for diverse reasons, cardinal among which is consumption. Apart from being a delicious sensation, Chicken meat is a low-calorie and low-fat source of quality protein.

Classified as white meat for it’s low cholesterol content, chicken is essential for the maintenance of a healthy heart.

Unfortunately, the side effects of growth hormones in commercially grown chicken have become a serious source of concern, hence the need for individuals to raise their own chicken.

Chickens raised for meat production are usually referred to as Broilers. Broilers are healthy meat chickens as they grow fast in comparison to chickens raised solely for laying eggs. In just about 5 weeks, a broiler can weigh up to four or five pounds. By the time it is ten weeks old, it could easily weigh 10 pounds. This is considered an ideal weight of a chicken that’s specifically going to be used for feeding a family.

Below is a list of the best 5 breeds of broiler for domestic consumption:

1. Jersey Giant

This chicken breed weighs about 4 to 6 kilogrammes and resembles a turkey because it produces a lot of meat. Available in black, blue, and white colours, their large size attracts backyard chicken keepers the most. If provided with the appropriate feed, Jersey Giant grows to full size within sixteen to twenty-one weeks.

The Jersey Giant has a higher meat yield compared to other chicken breeds. This adequately compensates for the time of maturity and amount of money being spent in its feed.

2. Freedom Rangers

Unlike the Jersey Giant, the Freedom Rangers breed grow within nine to eleven weeks and its meat is equally healthy and delicious

Though they take longer to grow, people still prefer this breed because of the taste of its meat. In addition, they can be fed with low protein food. They, however, require a whole lot of space

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3. Cornish Cross

Commonly raised by commercial breeders because of its ideal growth rate, ample breasts, and large thighs, the cornish cross is a perfect breed for homegrown consumption.
It grows to an unbelievable 6 to 8 kilogrammes in just 4 to 6 weeks, representing one of the chicken breeds with the fastest growth rate. Expectedly, they consume a lot of feed within this period.

4. Bresse

The Bresse’s lack of meat is fully compensated by its great taste. The bird takes as much as 16 to 20 weeks to just amass a paltry 3 to 5 kilogrammes. However, the good thing about the Bresse chickens is that they don’t need to be fed expensive food.

So, if you prefer quality over quantity, and you are ready to wait for weeks for the chickens to grow, then Bresse can be the right choice.

5. Sussex

The Sussex breed is a good dual-purpose chicken breed for beginners and relatively easy to keep. They’re regarded as good foragers and are often used to create hybrids.

Usually docile, the Sussex chickens are also upright and alert. They produce eggs and eventually serve as a source of meat


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