Corgi Picking Up on Owner’s Sign Language Wows Viewers, Reaches 28M Views


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Corgi Picking Up on Owner’s Sign Language Wows Viewers, Reaches 28M Views


An Impressive Feat: Corgi Learns Sign Language

A dog’s ability to pick up on her owner’s sign language has captivated millions of viewers online. Derek Cassese, known on TikTok as @thesigningd, shared a heartwarming and humorous story about his corgi, Eowyn, who has learned American Sign Language (ASL). The video, posted on June 25, quickly went viral, amassing over 28 million views.

The Beginning: Eowyn Meets Emily

A Deaf Owner and a Smart Dog

Derek trained his 9-year-old corgi, Eowyn, using hand signals. When Derek and his now-wife Emily, who is deaf, started their long-distance relationship six years ago, Eowyn immediately noticed Emily’s condition. Instead of barking to wake Emily, Eowyn began banging on the side of the bed, a behavior she continues to this day. This marked the start of Eowyn’s journey into learning ASL.

Eowyn’s ASL Journey

From Hand Signals to Sign Language

After Derek and Emily moved in together, they began signing full-time. Known for their intelligence, corgis like Eowyn are quick learners, sometimes to their owners’ chagrin. Eowyn picked up the signs for her favorite words, including “breakfast,” “dinner,” “ball,” and “cookie.” Whenever Derek or Emily signed one of these words, Eowyn would bark excitedly.

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The Fun and Frustrations of a Smart Dog

While Eowyn’s ability to understand sign language is impressive, it also comes with its challenges. Derek and Emily now have to be cautious about signing words Eowyn knows during their conversations. For instance, Eowyn reacts strongly to the sign for “ball,” running to the door, ready to play. Her ears perk up at the sign for “dinner,” but not all words get a positive reaction.

Not All Signs Are Welcomed

Eowyn’s Dislike for Certain Words

Interestingly, Eowyn has also learned the sign for “fail,” which she dislikes. Derek recalls that during their wedding vows, Eowyn reacted negatively when they mentioned standing by each other through life’s successes and failures. Additionally, Eowyn hates the word “bath,” running away at the mere mention of it.

Spelling Out Words

Outwitting Eowyn’s Intelligence

In an attempt to manage Eowyn’s reactions, Derek and Emily began spelling out words. However, Eowyn’s sharp mind has started to pick up on the spelling too. It won’t be long before they might have to find new strategies to communicate without Eowyn catching on.

A Viral Sensation

The TikTok Impact

The TikTok clip showcasing Eowyn’s language skills has received over 28.1 million views, 5.1 million likes, and 14,900 comments in less than a week. Viewers are amazed by Eowyn’s intelligence, calling her a “bilingual pup.” One user pointed out how Eowyn’s ears perked up when Derek first signed her name. While Derek and Emily might find Eowyn’s abilities a bit challenging, many viewers see it as an adorable problem.

Concluding Thoughts

Eowyn’s story is a testament to the incredible intelligence and adaptability of dogs. Her ability to learn and respond to ASL not only highlights the special bond between pets and their owners but also the potential for dogs to understand complex forms of communication. As Derek and Emily navigate life with their smart corgi, their story continues to inspire and entertain millions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs


How did Eowyn learn sign language?

Eowyn initially learned basic hand signals from her owner, Derek. When Derek and Emily began their relationship, Eowyn quickly adapted to American Sign Language (ASL) used by Emily, picking up signs for her favorite words.

What are Eowyn’s favorite words in ASL?

Eowyn has learned the signs for “breakfast,” “dinner,” “ball,” and “cookie.” She reacts excitedly whenever she sees these signs.

How does Eowyn react to words she dislikes?

Eowyn dislikes the sign for “fail” and becomes grumpy when she sees it. She also runs away at the mention of “bath,” just like many other dogs.

How did Derek and Emily try to manage Eowyn’s reactions?

To avoid triggering Eowyn’s reactions, Derek and Emily began spelling out the words she knew. However, Eowyn’s sharp mind has started to pick up on the spelling as well.

What has been the response to Eowyn’s story on TikTok?

Eowyn’s story has gone viral on TikTok, with the video receiving over 28 million views and millions of likes. Viewers are impressed by her intelligence and find her story both heartwarming and amusing.

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