Two Seniors Injured by Bears: Triggered by Dog Chases in Separate Incidents

Two Seniors Injured by Bears

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Two Seniors Injured by Bears: Triggered by Dog Chases in Separate Incidents


In a pair of unsettling wildlife encounters, a 65-year-old man and a 64-year-old woman fell victim to bear attacks after their dogs triggered the confrontations. Officials in Connecticut and Maine confirm the two unrelated incidents which have left the victims nursing injuries.

Unwelcome Visitor: The Maine Incident

Lynn Kelly, 64, was tending her garden around 11:30 a.m. on Friday when her peaceful routine took a sudden, dangerous turn. As reported by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, her dog began barking and bolted into the nearby woods, only to return with an unexpected pursuer—a black bear.

Upon sighting the bear, Kelly bravely confronted the animal, even landing a punch on its nose when it stood on its hind legs. However, this prompted the bear to bite her right hand, puncturing her wrist before it retreated back into the woods.

Kelly was promptly taken to a hospital for medical treatment. Her dog, thankfully, remained unscathed throughout the incident. State officials have labeled this a “provoked attack,” and in response, two live-capture traps have been set in an effort to catch the bear, which has not been seen since the confrontation.

Close Encounter: The Connecticut Scenario

The next day, in Litchfield, Connecticut, another dog-bear chase unfolded around 11:15 a.m., this time involving bird feeders on a porch. The bear was browsing through the feeders when the homeowner’s dog spotted it, initiating a chase that led to a subsequent attack on both the dog and the 65-year-old homeowner.

Authorities reported that the man, whose name has not been publicly disclosed, intervened in the dog-bear tussle, suffering injuries as a result. While the wounds were not life-threatening, he was taken to a hospital for treatment, and his dog was transported to a veterinary hospital. The bear retreated into the nearby woods following the attack.

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Stay Safe: Recommendations from Wildlife Officials

In light of these alarming encounters, officials advise pet owners in bear-prone regions to exercise caution while walking their dogs, specifically recommending the use of non-retractable leashes. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife further emphasized that it’s unwise to get between a dog and a bear.

The authorities also issued guidelines for homeowners to avoid attracting bears, especially during their active season from late March through November. These include refraining from keeping bird feeders outdoors and securing garbage in airtight containers within a garage or enclosed area.

Additionally, residents are urged to clean barbecues after use, store grills indoors, and avoid leaving unattended food or trash bags outside.

Story Source: CBS News


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