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Explanation on How Dogs Mate - Why Do Dogs Get Stuck - Fumi Pets

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One of the most legitimate concerns for anybody considering becoming a dog breeder is, “Why do dogs get stuck during mating?” As a male and a female dog engage in sexual activity with the intention of impregnating the latter, it often turns into a frightening sight when the two seem to get glued to one other.

Mating and breeding are essential activities in the life of any canine. Despite this, the majority of individuals, even breeders and seasoned dog owners are shocked by how dogs mate.

In fact, for an anxious breeder, it’s very upsetting to see since there’s no way of knowing how long the pups will be stuck in that uncomfortable posture.

This becoming trapped, on the other hand, is not as dangerous as it seems since both dogs turn their backs on each other, making it impossible to tell if they are in pain or simply uncomfortable. Well, regardless of how strange the process is, becoming trapped, or what is officially known as a copulatory tie, is a very frequent and natural occurrence. It’s not anything to be concerned about since it’s just a step in the breeding process.

Let’s take a closer look at the phenomena so that first-time breeders and dog owners may feel more at ease while dealing with the furry ones.

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Why Do Dogs Get Stuck While Mating?

A phenomenon known as copulatory tie causes dogs to get trapped during mating. It is also one of the most important phases in the intercourse process.

The male dog has an organ called the bulbus glandis that keeps him bound to the female. The dog breeding knot serves to retain the male dog’s sperm inside the female dog. The bulbus glandis swells and becomes trapped in the uterus, increasing the odds of the female dog having puppies.

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The tie is very frequent, although contrary to popular belief, it is not a  necessity for pregnancy.

How Long Do Dogs Get Stuck For When Breeding?

The time it takes for the dogs to get trapped from butt to butt ranges between 5 and 15 minutes. The copulatory tie, however, may take up to half an hour depending on many variables.

Browsing forums will demonstrate how unpredictable such timing may be.

Both the breed and the individual dog have a significant influence on this. The quieter the dogs remain, the quicker they will recover. When the dogs get anxious, however, the induced worry causes the locking posture to persist longer.

One thing that breeders must guarantee is that the dogs are never disturbed when mating. Even if they are trapped for a long period, making it difficult to keep an eye on them, disruption by any means is absolutely forbidden.

The copulatory tie should not continue longer than 20 minutes in most instances. It is mostly determined by how long it takes the male dog to discharge his sperm into the female dog. They’ll be stuck in place until the bulbus glandis returns to its normal size.

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Stages of a Tie

Breeders should be informed of the following phases of canine mating in order to prevent any misunderstanding or needless worry.

Getting trapped occurs often during or shortly after ejaculation. The bulbus glandis expands, causing the dogs to get attached to each other from behind. In the majority of instances, the condition lasts for 10-15 minutes. The sperms are also deposited in the female dog at this time. During a tie and during intercourse, there should be no interruptions of any kind.

The dogs are released from each other once the tie is broken. The male dog’s penis shrinks and he emerges all by himself.

1. Mounting

Mounting is the initial step in the process. This is prompted by the female dog’s flirting and, in particular, flagging, which entails displaying her back end to indicate that she is ready. After receiving this signal, the stud or male dog prepares to mount the female dog.

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2. Penetrating

The next step is to locate, identify, and penetrate the female dog’s vulva. If the male dog is ready to mate for the first time, this may need some support and assistance from the breeder.

3. Ejaculating

Following the discovery of the vulva, ejaculation occurs. Just as he begins humping the female dog, the male dog produces prostatic fluid along with his own sperm.

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Copulatory Tie Pain

Depending on a number of circumstances, a copulatory tie may be very painful. For example, if the dog is reproducing for the first time, the procedure is likely to be unpleasant for him. This is also due to the dogs’ lack of breeding experience, which causes them to be unsure about which posture would be ideal for them. Both may experience pain as a consequence of stress-related discomfort.

Breeders should also be wary of a phenomenon known as slip mating.

Slip Mating

Slip mating occurs when the male dog withdraws his penis before the bulbus glandis enlarges, preventing coitus from occurring. This happens when the female partner isn’t quite ready for intercourse and begins moving just as the penetration begins.

In this regard, it’s important to note that slip mating may impregnate a female dog if the male is successful in releasing the semen into the female prior to the withdrawal. In reality, the initial ejaculation contains the greatest quantity of sperm and semen.

Finally, if the male dog’s penis continues to grow after he has separated from the female, ensure that the seminal fluid is collected in a container and the area is kept clean.

To prevent incorrect coitus (or repeated breedings) and to guarantee smooth and effective mating, soothe the dogs as much as possible. Allowing both dogs to meet before breeding is critical for reducing the risk of pain during the breeding process.


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