Tears as Woman Fostering Dogs Reveals the ‘Emotional Scars’ You Can’t See

Woman Fostering Dogs Reveals the 'Emotional Scars'

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Tears as Woman Fostering Dogs Reveals the ‘Emotional Scars’ You Can’t See


A heart-touching social media video showcasing the dedicated care provided by a dog fosterer to her latest charge, a Chihuahua named Juliet, has deeply resonated with viewers across the internet.

Juliet’s Journey: A Viral Tale of Resilience

This viral video, initially shared on TikTok on November 9, has garnered a remarkable 1.8 million views, capturing the poignant moment when Juliet, the Chihuahua, displays her anxiety during an attempt to pick her up by her foster caregiver.

The Healing Power of Patience and Love

The video, posted by @mamma.gypsy on TikTok, portrays Juliet’s cautious and fearful demeanor as she lays on her back, occasionally attempting to nip at her caregiver’s hands. These heart-rending reactions stem from Juliet’s traumatic past, leaving emotional scars that run deep.

Fostering: A Journey of Love and Healing

The video’s creator, known as @mamma.gypsy on the platform, shared her perspective, stating, “Sometimes part of fostering is helping them heal their emotional scars, and Juliet’s run deep.”

A Fostered Second Chance at Life

Juliet’s story unfolds against the backdrop of her rescue from Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba, located in Winnipeg, Canada. Her journey towards healing and trust epitomizes the resilience of rescue dogs in finding their forever homes.

The Path to Healing: Insights from an Animal Behaviorist

In an exclusive interview with Newsweek, animal behaviorist Leigh Siegfried shares invaluable insights on how pet parents can support their beloved companions in overcoming emotional trauma, especially in cases involving rescue animals adapting to domestic settings.

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Siegfried emphasizes, “We as owners have the ability to view the stories of the dogs we care for. We can choose to see them as either victims of their circumstances or as survivors.”

Embracing Canine Survivors

She further adds, “Owners should see their dogs, particularly if they have gone through some kind of trauma, as survivors and understand that what the dog may need from them to become trusting again may be much different than what they think the dog needs.”

Siegfried’s expert advice sheds light on the importance of recognizing the resilience within our canine companions and tailoring our approach to support their unique emotional needs.


Just to give u guys an idea of how terrified juliet is… and dale, tilly, Pepsi juliet and others also came this way…. patience and lots of love is the medicine 💖 it breaks my heart that juliet is this terrified but over time… I pray she learns… life isn’t so painful and she finds the best furever family when she is ready. We don’t just have to heal juliets physical wounds. We also need to help heal her emotional scars as well. Thank you to Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba (BTPRSM) for giving juliet a second chance at life. One that’s filled with love instead of fear , healing instead of pain.

♬ Last Hope – Steve Ralph

Messages of Hope and Support

Since its debut on November 9, the TikTok post by @mamma.gypsy has garnered over 286,000 likes and elicited more than 2,100 comments, reflecting the outpouring of empathy and support from viewers.

  • “Oh what an angel, [it] breaks my heart to see her so afraid. I’m so happy she’s safe with you,” one user wrote.
  • “I’m so glad she is safe with you,” another user added.

A Lesson in Compassion

Juliet’s heartwarming journey serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and capacity for healing within every dog, even in the face of profound emotional scars.

Link to the original source: Newsweek



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