Woman Has Package Delivered, Checks Dog Camera To Find Horrifying Scene

Woman Has Package Delivered

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Woman Has Package Delivered, Checks Dog Camera To Find Horrifying Scene



In a humorous yet horrifying turn of events, a woman’s dog camera captured her two dogs engaging in some mischievous behavior. Hayley, the dog owner, discovered her package had arrived safely, but what happened next was anything but routine. This entertaining and somewhat alarming incident highlights the unpredictable nature of our furry friends and the lengths they will go to in the name of “quality checking” their owner’s belongings.

The Incident: A Package Delivered and Destroyed

Hayley’s Shocking Discovery

Hayley received a notification that her package had been delivered. To ensure everything was in order, she checked her home security camera. What she found was far from ideal. Her dogs had taken it upon themselves to inspect the package, resulting in a chaotic scene.

Caught on Camera

The May 27 TikTok video, posted on Hayley’s account (@haayxx4), shows the package ripped apart with pieces scattered across the room. The culprits, her two dogs, had seized the contents—her hair extensions—and treated them like new toys. The video quickly went viral, garnering over 325,800 views and 15,400 likes.

Dogs and Their Mischief

The Hair Extension Fiasco

The dogs’ play session with the hair extensions left them tangled and slobbered, rendering them unusable. Hayley humorously captioned the video, “Serves me right,” acknowledging the irony of the situation. The background music, perfectly capturing any owner’s sentiment in such scenarios, was the song “Oh no.”

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A Messy Outcome

Not only did the dogs create a mess, but they also managed to ensure their owner’s hair extensions were in no state to be used. Despite the chaos, the video brought laughter to many viewers, highlighting the amusing side of pet ownership.

Reactions from TikTok Viewers

Viewer Comments and Reactions

The video’s popularity on TikTok prompted numerous comments from amused viewers. Some users tried to find the humor in the situation, with one person commenting, “They styled them for you,” and another adding, “They just did a bit of backcombing for you… they are FINE.” Others shared similar stories, proving that Hayley is not alone in her pet-induced troubles.

Shared Experiences

One TikToker recounted waking up to find their extensions blowing from a tree outside, courtesy of their dog. Another theorized that the husky in Hayley’s video was the instigator, to which Hayley confirmed was true.

Understanding Canine Behavior

Why Do Dogs Destroy Packages?

Dogs are naturally curious and often engage in destructive behavior out of boredom, anxiety, or a desire to explore. Packages left unattended can be particularly enticing, as they contain unfamiliar scents and textures.

Preventing Package Destruction

To prevent similar incidents, consider using pet-safe deterrents or confining your pets to a safe area when you’re expecting deliveries. Training and providing ample toys and activities can also help reduce their urge to destroy packages.

The Importance of Pet Cameras

Monitoring Pet Behavior

Pet cameras can be invaluable for monitoring your pets’ behavior when you’re not home. They allow you to check in on your pets and intervene if necessary, potentially preventing destructive actions.

Peace of Mind for Owners

Having a pet camera provides peace of mind, knowing you can keep an eye on your furry friends and ensure their safety and well-being.


Hayley’s experience with her mischievous dogs serves as a humorous reminder of the unpredictable nature of pet ownership. While their antics led to a ruined package and tangled hair extensions, the incident brought joy and laughter to many. As pet owners, we learn to expect the unexpected and find humor in the chaos our pets sometimes create.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs


1. Why do dogs chew on packages?

  • Dogs chew on packages out of curiosity, boredom, or anxiety. They are drawn to new smells and textures, making delivered packages particularly enticing.

2. How can I prevent my dog from destroying packages?

  • To prevent your dog from destroying packages, consider using pet-safe deterrents, confining them to a safe area when expecting deliveries, and providing plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied.

3. Are pet cameras worth the investment?

  • Yes, pet cameras are worth the investment as they allow you to monitor your pets’ behavior, ensure their safety, and intervene if necessary to prevent destructive actions.

4. What should I do if my dog destroys something valuable?

  • If your dog destroys something valuable, try to remain calm. Clean up the mess, assess any potential harm to your pet, and consider training or deterrents to prevent future incidents.

5. Can dogs sense when a package contains something for them?

  • Dogs have a keen sense of smell and can often detect when a package contains items with familiar or interesting scents, prompting their curiosity and sometimes leading to destructive behavior.

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