Celebrating 133 Years of Boa Vista: 100 Dogs Participate in Inaugural Pet Race

100 Dogs Participate in Inaugural Pet Race

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Celebrating 133 Years of Boa Vista: 100 Dogs Participate in Inaugural Pet Race


An Exciting Start to Boa Vista’s Birthday Celebrations

The celebrations for Boa Vista’s 133rd birthday, taking place this Sunday (9), kicked off in a truly tail-wagging style with the “1st Pet Race.” The event saw the energetic participation of 100 dogs of various sizes at the Vila Olímpica, located in the western part of the city.

Traditionally, Boa Vista’s birthday is celebrated with the 9th of July race – attracting human athletes. However, this year, the city council extended the celebration to include the furry members of the family.

100 Dogs Participate in Inaugural Pet Race

The Inaugural Pet Race

The canine race was held in a single category, the “Fun” race, over a 100-meter course. The council’s intention was to foster greater interaction between the “pet parents,” uniting the community in a unique and entertaining way.

A Tradition Continued: The 9th of July Race

On Sunday (9), the actual anniversary of the capital, the 21st edition of the International 9th of July Race is set to take place. This event, a tradition in the city, is expected to draw 6,000 registered athletes. More than 10,000 people are anticipated to attend, including individuals not only from Roraima but also from other states and neighboring countries.

100 Dogs Participate in Inaugural Pet Race

The race will start next to the Portal of the Millennium (Praça das Águas), on Avenida Ene Garcez. The course will head towards the city center, looping right at the Civic Center, entering Avenida João Pereira de Melo, and proceeding towards Avenida Getúlio Vargas. The prizes range from R$ 1,000 to R$ 8,500, depending on the category and classification, in addition to trophies and participation medals.

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Here’s the schedule for the race:

  • Wheelchair Athletes: 5km and 10km – Start at 16h40
  • Elite/General Athlete: 10km – Start at 17h
  • General and Municipal Employees: 5km – Start at 17h30

100 Dogs Participate in Inaugural Pet Race

The race will conclude with live performances on the Velia Coutinho stage in the city center. Here’s the program:

  • 16h – 18h: Bodó Valorizado / Leka Denz
  • 18h30 – 20h30: Frank Rafael and band
  • 21h – 23h: Garden Band

This unique combination of pet-friendly fun and traditional athletics promises to make Boa Vista’s 133rd birthday a truly memorable occasion!

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