Boosting Productivity with Pet-Friendly Workplaces: The Rising Trend

Boosting Productivity with Pet-Friendly Workplaces

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Boosting Productivity with Pet-Friendly Workplaces: The Rising Trend


Why should businesses embrace a pet-friendly approach? Let’s discover the benefits of this Colombian Dog Day, the 21st of July.

Introduction to Pet-Friendly Workplaces

This Colombian Dog Day, more companies are adopting a ‘pet-friendly’ attitude. A rising trend in the corporate world, the concept revolves around boosting productivity by letting employees share their workspace with their pets.

A study conducted by Waltham suggests that pets can positively impact employees. According to the research, 61% of individuals feel their productivity increases in the presence of pets.

Currently, several organizations are implementing ‘pet-friendly’ policies to ensure smooth daily operations. These guidelines aim to establish a harmonious blend of work and play, sparking productivity and engagement.

The WeWork Experience: Creating Pet-Friendly Spaces

WeWork, a leading flexible workspace platform in Latin America, stands by the positive influence of pets in the workplace. “The presence of pets at work facilitates connection among colleagues, motivates employees to reach their peak potential, and strengthens their sense of belonging,” the company states.

In this vein, Leidys Castro, Head of People at WeWork for Colombia, emphasizes that the company aims to provide “an inclusive work environment that values both emotional wellbeing and work performance of our members.”

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Workplaces: A Perspective from WeWork

Castro highlighted some of the key benefits that pet companionship brings to the workforce during work hours:

  1. A Relaxing and Welcoming Atmosphere: Sharing a workspace with pets can create a more relaxed and welcoming environment. It can act as an antidote to tension or stress.
  2. Work-Life Balance: The presence of pets helps in harmonizing personal and professional life. Employees are less worried about their pet’s well-being and can focus better on their work.
  3. A Modern, Friendly Organizational Culture: It contributes to a more contemporary, friendly organizational culture that values the well-being of its employees and their furry friends.
  4. Stimulating Connection and Motivation: The presence of pets can foster a sense of connection among colleagues and serve as a motivation to work efficiently.
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A pet-friendly approach in the workplace can serve as a temporary relief in uncertain economic times. By creating a more welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, organizations can foster a culture of increased productivity and engagement.

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