The Heartwarming Story of Julie Dry: A Professional Pet Sitter in Petit-Quevilly

A Professional Pet Sitter in Petit-Quevilly

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The Heartwarming Story of Julie Dry: A Professional Pet Sitter in Petit-Quevilly


Meet the Animal Nanny: Julie Dry

At the heart of Petit-Quevilly, nestled near Rouen, lives Julie Dry – a professional pet sitter who’s won hearts by offering a safe haven for animals when their owners are away. With a maternal instinct for dogs, Julie has been running her successful pet-sitting business, “The Pets Family,” since 2021.

Pet Sitting: Not Just a Job, but a Passion

Growing up amidst seven dogs at home, it seemed inevitable that Julie’s life would be intertwined with pets. But it wasn’t until 2021 when Julie decided to transform her love for animals into a full-time profession by establishing her pet-sitting company.

During school holidays, especially in July and August, her pet-sitting services are in high demand. But her services aren’t limited to vacation care; she also offers day-call duty for working pet parents. Currently, Julie plays host to three dogs and two cats, ensuring they’re cared for just like her own.

A Professional Pet Sitter in Petit-Quevilly

Respecting the Pace of Each Pet

When it comes to boarding pets, Julie abides by strict regulations, accommodating a maximum of six dogs and four cats. Her house features separate areas for both species, including a cattery filled with cat trees and toys for her feline guests.

While cats may require less attention, Julie makes it a point to play with them at least three times a day. Dogs, on the other hand, demand more personalized care. Julie meets their basic needs – food, defecation, exercise – while also acknowledging their unique personalities and characteristics.

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A Professional Pet Sitter in Petit-Quevilly

The Busy Life of a Pet Sitter

Julie’s days typically start at 6 am for the first round of dog walks, especially when she’s taking care of six dogs. She takes pride in managing these walks efficiently and ensures each dog gets a good one-hour walk every day.

Bringing an animal for boarding with Julie involves a thorough process, especially for dogs. Initial meet-ups are conducted at Julie’s house to introduce the new dog to Julie’s own dogs. Health concerns, allergies, eating, and behavioral habits are all noted down meticulously before the pet is accepted for boarding.

The Realities of Pet Sitting: Beyond the Cute Faces

Running a pet-sitting business isn’t just about playtimes and cuddles. Behind the scenes, Julie manages housekeeping, administrative tasks, and even visits to owners’ homes to take care of pets when they are away. Despite the challenges, Julie finds the job rewarding and has even started offering animal mediation services with her two-year-old Husky, Vador.

Wrapping up: The Animal-loving Julie

When asked about her preference, without missing a beat, Julie proclaims her love for dogs. But whether it’s a cat or a dog, Julie’s unwavering passion for animals shines through in her work as a pet sitter.

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