Zebby: Award-Winning Cat Aids Deaf Owner in Everyday Tasks

Award-Winning Cat Aids Deaf Owner in Everyday Tasks

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Zebby: The National Cat of the Year Assisting His Deaf Owner in Daily Life


Zebby: An Extraordinary Companion for the Hearing-Impaired

Zebby, a remarkable cat from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, has become a beacon of companionship, lending his helping paw to his deaf owner. The two-year-old black and white feline not only has a loving bond with his human but also assists her with daily tasks – a feat that won him the prestigious National Cat of the Year award.

Bridging the Silence: A Cat’s Role in a Deaf Owner’s World

At the heart of this heartwarming story is Genevieve Moss, 66, who shares a unique bond with Zebby. When the phone or doorbell rings, Zebby makes it his mission to alert Genevieve by tapping her gently. This intelligent feline has adapted to Genevieve’s needs, helping her navigate through daily activities seamlessly.

Delivering Mail, Winning Hearts: Zebby’s Daily Tasks

Zebby’s responsibilities don’t stop at alerting Genevieve about phone calls or visitors. This diligent cat has mastered the art of collecting post from the letterbox. His dedication and abilities have made him an irreplaceable part of Genevieve’s life, making everyday tasks easier for her.

Honoring Zebby: The National Cat of the Year Award

In recognition of his extraordinary assistance, Zebby has been crowned the National Cat of the Year by Cats Protection, a well-known feline welfare charity. The accolade honors his incredible sense of perception and his unwavering commitment to his owner’s wellbeing.

An Unbreakable Bond: Genevieve and Zebby

For Genevieve, life without Zebby is unimaginable. His devotion and services have not only made her daily routine smoother but also provided her with a loving companion. Their bond stands as an uplifting testament to the remarkable ways in which pets can enrich our lives.

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