A Spectacular Retrospective Book Launch for its 35th Anniversary

A Spectacular Retrospective Book Launch for its 35th Anniversary

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Unveiling the Secrets of ‘Pet Sematary’: A Spectacular Retrospective Book Launch for its 35th Anniversary


Hollywood Returns to Maine: The Making and Legacy of Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’

Heralding an exciting milestone, Pet Sematary, Stephen King’s phenomenal horror film is set to mark its 35th anniversary with an exclusive book release in 2024. Dive deeper into the spine-chilling world of this timeless horror masterpiece that has imprinted its roots deep within the annals of popular culture.

The creators of the highly acclaimed documentary, ‘Unearthed and Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary’, now streaming on SCREAMBOX, are all set to revisit the dreaded world of this horror cult classic with a strikingly fresh literary offering.

Commemorating 35 Years of Haunting Horror

The retrospective book, ‘Hollywood Comes to Maine: Revisiting Stephen King’s Pet Sematary‘, will not only celebrate the iconic film’s anniversary but also significantly expand upon the revelations unveiled in their 2015 documentary.

As an intriguing coffee table book, it’s expected to feature newly found archives from the original film production, enlightening interviews with cast and crew, and thought-provoking essays from influential writers, filmmakers, and film historians. It will also showcase interactions with those intimately associated with the Stephen King book and film universe.

A Deeper Glimpse into Regional Filmmaking

The project explores the regional significance of ‘Pet Sematary’, highlighting how it was the first full-length adaptation of King’s work to be shot entirely in his home state, adding a layer of authentic New England flavor. The team behind the book intends to narrate the unique stories of local Mainers who seamlessly collaborated with Hollywood crews to give birth to this enduring horror classic.

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John Campopiano, a writer with a deep-seated passion for the history of regional New England filmmaking, is thrilled to re-engage with the ‘Pet Sematary’ landscape. Campopiano and his collaborator Justin White view the creation of this retrospective book as an opportunity to unearth more stories and delve deeper into the narrative of this beloved King adaptation.

Collaboration for Cult Celebration

Cult Screenings UK Ltd., a company with several successful documentary books to its credit, is equally eager to collaborate with John Campopiano. Gary Smart, renowned filmmaker, and friend of Campopiano, is particularly excited to contribute his expertise and passion for filmmaking to this project.

The book promises a fascinating journey for fans of the genre, unraveling untold stories, revealing behind-the-scenes insights, and the film’s enduring impact on the horror genre. Gear up to unearth secrets that have lain hidden within the pages of ‘Pet Sematary’s’ captivating narrative for over three decades!

For more information about ‘Pet Sematary’ and Stephen King’s work, visit Stephen King’s Official Website. Stay tuned for more updates and to get your hands on this must-have book for every horror film enthusiast.

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